6+ Weeks to NYC Marathon!

We leave in six weeks to go to the Big Apple!!  I am excited, if you can't tell.  I talk about the trip all the time, and how excited I am to go with my favorite man for some "us" time, then run with tens of thousands of our best friends through the awesomest city.  :)

Kind of like last year at the Chicago Marathon.  SO FUN.

Life Lately

It has been a minute since I've done a post on all things life.  So here are a bunch of lately pictures!  

Bentz started second year preschool and has been rocking it this year.  Last year drop-off was always filled with tears, while this year I have to kiss him goodbye at the car because he takes off running once we are half way to the door! 

I always thought the teary eyed drop offs were hard, but man, I miss the teary eyed drop offs!  lol

Currently V.8.2019

Wearing:  Zella leggings & my Chicago Marathon shirt (it's pretty much all or nothing with me haha)

Eating:  chicken rice bowl and some tasty flavored water that I drink basically 24/7 out of a cute tumbler with a straw

Feeling:  I am tired today, but happy

Weather:  8675309 degrees, and sun

Wanting:  some weather that isn't so hot, or a monsoon

Needing:  a full time maid

Thinking:  I love when the boys are happy and play well together

Saving for:  a rainy day, and to pay for the boys' everything

Learning:  I just got a new piano book yesterday and am learning some of Yiruma's pieces.  I am starting to play the piano more these days, which is great.

Enjoying:  running more mileage

Reading:  Black Ice by Michael Connelly

Planning for:  NYC Marathon trip in 10 weeks!!  And a birthday party for the boys because they keep growing up even though I tell them to stop.

Watching:  Web of Lies on Investigation Discovery

Loving:  that work has slowed down a little bit, although it supposedly will change tomorrow

Listening:  I used to only listen to my running playlist while running, but that changed when I was out for my last injury this spring.  And I haven't turned back.  So I have been listening to a lot of dance type music:  Knife Party, Jim Yosef, Mike Emilio, Marshmello, TheFatRat, Cesqeaux, Itro, etc.

Anticipating:  NYC Marathon, my first marathon (excluding my DNF) since I have started running faster

Thankful for:  my little family, running to give me a little solo time when needed


11 Weeks to NYC Marathon!

As I sit here and eat my "snack" of brown rice, with Home Alone on the TV so that I can pretend it's not 113 outside, I am thinking about 11 weeks down the road...and NEW YORK CITY MARATHON!!!!

It's going to be so much fun.  Seriously a trip of a lifetime.  I haven't been in 13 years, Ben hasn't been EVER!

The marathon
The Expo
9/11 Museum/Memorial
One World Trade Center
Seeing Hamilton
Seeing Jersey Boys
Maybe going on some tours (NBC? Statue of Liberty???)

Oh my gosh, I haven't been this excited for vacation in possibly years.

So with 11 weeks to go, we still have a lot of training ahead of us, but one great thing is we're already running 45 mile weeks and for the first time we're running six days a week.  I am actually quite a fan of six days a week!

Marathon goals lie somewhere between running easy and racing hard.  Which I do hope will still yield a PR, because now a days my zone 2 effort running is faster than my marathon PR pace (which was a flat 9:00 for 3:56).  Speaking of flat, New York City Marathon is not.  It's actually quite hilly, but at least it won't be 113 degrees.

We've discovered that I am under eating for my high mileage running.  Like, by a lot.  After bonking hard in my last half along with bonking at mile 11 of my goal marathon in April, my coach has been really wanting me to track my food.  I figured by swapping out my regular salads for carbs was enough, but oh my I am so wrong.  I finally gave in and it has been eye opening.  It has also been SO MUCH WORK to eat the food my body needs.  I don't know how people do this all the time, but I'm trying to make it my new norm because I would like better performance.  I am actually quite jazzed about the fact that this may really help my running.  

Running with the sunrise...
Let me add that I don't weigh myself and I'm genetically wired to not be a foodie.  I would take a food pill if it would allow me the freedom to not eat meals during the busy work days.  lol  BUT I do like me all the sugary snacks.  Give me the candy!

I've already started thinking about our shirts.

80 days to go!

Now if it would just cool down even just a hair, that would be amazing!

Soon.  So soon.

Utah - Part Cuatro (The rest of the trip!)

I am not sure why I started these posts in Spanish.  lol  But I had to finish what I started, soooo...

Part cuatro.

The rest of Utah!  My grandma drove all the way to my mom's house to see us, which I was so grateful for!  I used to do a lot with my extended family as if they were my immediate family.  Heck, I used to WORK with my grandma, and before that she LIVED with us, so it's sad I never even see her anymore!!!

Utah - Part Tres (Lagoon, It's What Fun Is!)

I've been wanting to take the boys to Lagoon!  I had a season pass here for like 20 years, so obviously they needed to experience its goodness.  And after being away for awhile, it was definitely goodness!  

The trees are all mature and shading the rides, there are more thriller rides, and Lagoon has stepped it up a little bit.  In the kiddie land area, some of the rides had background music which kind of reminded me of Disneyland.  It was super fun!

Since Dash isn't yet two, I didn't buy him a park pass but rather just bought some individual kiddie land ride tickets (like $10 worth).  I think that was a wise choice because he was so content watching and looking around for the most part, and a park pass was $45 after a $10 discount.  One ride he almost fell asleep on.  lol

Utah - Part Dos

I work remotely, but my office is in SLC, so whenever I get up there I like to go in to the office, and my boss usually takes me out to lunch!  He's pretty much the best boss on the planet, and I am lucky that things have worked out so well!  I've been with my company for 13 years, and eight of them have been remotely.  

I am the only one who works remotely from the office, and I am also the only department that hasn't grown (hence my workload has increased a bunch).  I don't really want to grow my department because I work on a project basis, so if the economy goes through a recession soon, I would still have to share my projects/workload.  So for now I just bust out the work!

I always fail to take pictures of my work and co-workers, plainly because I forget to!  My office is unrecognizable from the days I worked in there.  In fact, we have been built around like crazy, I almost missed the building when I stopped by six months ago.  Our building has had some face lifts, and we've outgrown it and most likely will be moving soon.  I kind of am sad I don't get to work in there still, and have a fun office or something.  :)  My old window used to look out over a field, and now there's a tall building like three feet from it and no view at all.  Crazy how time changes things.

Utah - Part Uno

We went up to Utah for about 10 days!  After some chatting, Ben and I thought that we should do a yearly trip to Utah when the weather is nice there, and I can see friends/family and take the boys to do some of the things I always did growing up (Lagoon, parks, etc.).  It sounded like a good tradition to start ASAP, and a family Buhr reunion was the ultimate date deciding factor for this trip.  (We would have stayed longer and saw more people, but school starts pretty early down here in Phoenix.)

It's just over nine hours to drive to my mom's house, so it's not the shortest drive, but it could be worse.  This year we timed it to meet my mom and Jeff in Page, at the end of their Lake Powell trip, and then caravan the rest of the way.  It's close to half way, and it worked wonderfully!  The boys did awesome on the drive.