Christmas Times - 2010

I love Christmas time.
It was super busy this year, and we had the entire group of siblings plus my super hot hubs, Jolie's boyfriend, AJ, and Henry, James' friend from BYU.  Chinese don't celebrate Christmas so the BYU students just do nothing during Christmas break, and it's not that cheap to just fly and pay a visit to home, so every year James includes one or more of them in the festivities.  Last year Guang came, and this year we had Henry.

Tepanyaki dinner with both the ma and the fa on Christmas Eve Eve Eve.

Christmas Eve we got together for dinner and games at my mom's house.

My competitive husband loves the idea of punishing the loser in a game (this case Apples to Apples), so we agreed to put something on the line.  He ALWAYS wins in EVERYTHING (chronic cheater I swear!!!), but this time around he lost and he was the one running down the street yelling ho-ho-ho in the middle of the night.  Loser!!  :)

Then we all opened our pajamas and Ben tried to convince my mom (and everyone) that his came way too short.  (Tape.)  I sure love my hilarious, special hubs.

We can't take a serious pic.

Playing Balderdash.  I learned I fard my face daily.

Christmas morning at the marms...

Ben and I were pretty excited about the presents we put under my mom's tree.  Hehe.

Since his accident and not being able to work out, Ben's backed off his diet a bit and I am so happy.  I love when he gives in to junk food with me.

Dallin gave Ben a bill for $85,000.  We didn't know they made bills like that so that was pretty exciting.  That should pay off the doctors' bills and maybe even a hit man to go after our health insurance that screwed us to begin with.  :)

We spent $5 on each person this year (last minute-ly), but Jolie's gift was $7.

Ben's wrapping.

A barbie.

Christmas at dad's...

Currently we have Joe's tv, and it has served us well.

Dad's side of the family, family traditions... 
These games are usually done at Thanksgiving, but we were honeymooning, and some others were gone so this year the games were played on Christmas.

Christmas dinner.

You roll dice and if you get 7 or doubles you begin opening the present until the next person that gets 7 or doubles takes it.  The present was wrapped about 10 times.  I never got 7s or doubles (and I never have in previous years!!).

Then the candy game.  
If you roll a 7 or doubles you pick a candy, or steal one from someone else.  Some had like 5 things, and some, like me, ended up with nothing AGAIN (every year).  I did have the Cry Babies, but then my cousin stole it with 5 seconds left in the game...and she had a couple things already!!  I was so mad!!  Haha seriously!!  She ended up giving it back after the game since I was pretty much the only loser with nothing after the time was up.

Left-Right game!
Both people on the right and left of me ended up with one of the cash presents.  I ended up with a remote control skunk (pretty awesome still).  I think I have the worst track record for our family tradition game winnings.  But they are still fun times!! 

Ben's present below in his broken arm w/o his brace.

Then the madness begins with the presents.  My grandma used to spend all year wrapping gifts and putting them aside for each person.  Since she passed away in '09, my aunt began doing it and it's so fun to look forward to.

Ben's new slippies.

Remote control skunky from the LR game.

Then Christmas afternoon Ben and I headed up to Logan to do Christmas with my inlaws, and spend the night.  We played the white elephant game and I made out well with a hot chocolate kit, Anna did alright, but Ben came out with honey powder?  Then his step-bro traded him for skull headphones?  Weird.  Awesome.

I love Christmas times, my sweet husband, and my family!!

Jolie and AJ are already gone and who knows when we'll see them again with the Ambassador schedule for the next two years.  It was my first time meeting AJ and I thought he was awesome and they're a great match.  Too bad the Ambassador can't get married for two years (not that they're talking marriage, I'm just saying).
 We are blessed!!
Merry Christmas!!