Engagement Pics

Here are a couple more engagement edits, some of which were on the invite.  
If you are bored of pics, sorry!!

Hopefully we'll have fun stuff to document after the honeymoon.  The doc gave us permission last night, so we're leaving in the morning.  We're so effing glad!

We're going to veg, eat, and read the entire time.  Wahoo!  I hope it never ends.

See you in a couple weeks!!


We finally did it!  We're sealed for time and eternity, and no stupid cave stopped us.  =)  It was the BEST day ever!!!

Thanks to a lot of my family having my picture taking obsession, there are a LOT of pictures floating around and not to mention our photographer shots which we'll get here shortly.

Here are some bridals/groomals taken before the wedding date itself.  We did them together in case the wedding day had bad weather.  Well the wedding day was BEAUTIFUL, but we never thought about bodily injuries.

Utah State Capitol
Rob Higginson Photography


Salt Lake Temple & out by the Salt Flats
Color Blue Photography

This is only a fraction.
Picture overload!

Being married is soooo great.  We hope the doctor will let us head out on our honeymoon this weekend.  If he still doesn't, we'll probably eat the money which sucks, but it's fine cuz I'm just glad Ben's okay.  =)

New Bloggerty!!

Since my old blog, christyhales.blogspot.com, I started before I met my hubby, I've made a new one to continue on with!


To read about the spelunking disaster and everything before now, go to the old blog.