New Bloggerty!!

Since my old blog,, I started before I met my hubby, I've made a new one to continue on with!

To read about the spelunking disaster and everything before now, go to the old blog.


  1. No wonder I haven't seen that you've updated your blog lately. I've been so behing on looking at other peoples blogs, I didn't even know you started a new blog till now. I just got all updated though! Oh my goodness, so much has happened! That's crazy what happened to Ben just before your wedding! So glad that things worked out okay and that he's okay. Love all your posts and pictures! Your wedding pictures are georgous and it looks like you guys had such a fun honeymoon! That's awesome that you both cut each others hair, how cute is that! I love your hair short, you look great both ways :)! To answer your question about how you pronounce Colby's friends name Xiomara, it's "See-a-mara" :).