Wedding Videos (All of them now. Yay.)

Update-  Password is "McClain"

Here's our reception video!  Chris just put it up on Vimeo (the website I actually discovered him on).  It's amazing how much you don't see during your own reception.  I still wonder if the desserts were good.  The cake was.  :)  We are very happy with Chris McClain Productions.
"With Me" by Sum 41

Ben {+} Christy // Reception // Canterbury Place from Chris McClain Productions on Vimeo.

Here's our official wedding day video!  Yay!  I am so thrilled.  I love the songs we ended up choosing.  It took forever to decide!!
And Happy Valentine's Day!!
"The Only One in Color" by Trapt

Ben {+} Christy // Salt Lake Temple Highlights from Chris McClain Productions on Vimeo.

Here is our same day edit wedding video trailer that was shown at the reception.  We love the Transformer's music a whole lot.  =)  Chris was so great to work with.  We are happy.

Here's our date/couple's story on how we met.


  1. the out takes at the end are always the best part! :)

  2. Those videos were amazing! I totally enjoyed watching them. So glad you two found each other and that you are so happy together. :)

  3. Those videos where great. You looked so pretty! You guys look so happy together.. I am happy for you! :)

  4. I AM your blog stalker...creeper lady. I loved the videos even more the second time than I did the first!! They were amazing. I especially love the third one. It's darling of you guys and the videographer was incredible!

  5. okay, i LOVE it!! great videos and you guys are too cute!! ♥

  6. Holy videos! There are so many. It makes me almost feel like I was there without having been near. I cannot get over how cute your mom is.

    Our one little video was such a great investment. I'm so happy we did.


  7. Thanks chicas!! (Oh Brooke, you're never a creeper. Believe me!! Haha)

    Our biggest investment was the videographer. So nice to have memories on film. Brings it to life much more than pictures can. (Probably more so for Ben who was so drastically drugged.)