Hornymoon in Ben's terms.

It was fun times for sure!!  Who thought that all the wedding and honeymoon vacationing would finally come to an end!  Not me that's for sure.  But life is good!

The morning after our wedding we woke up to this lovely breakfast at the Anniversary Inn.  Yum.  I had to take a picture of course.

The Ritz Carlton, Fort Lauderdale, is where we stayed the night before our cruise boarded.  It was soooo nice, but we didn't get to our room until eleven or so?  I guess that's what happens when you book flights two days in advance, a week before Thanksgiving.

Our wonderful welcome to our room.

Looky what we found in the drawer.

The view from our room!

Eating at H20...breakfast at lunch time.  We never woke up in time for breakfast on any day.
(I have something in my mouth here.)

Leaving Fort Lauderdale port!  There were six ships there that day including the Navigator which was the ship we were booked on the week before, but ya, the accident.

The Allure of the Seas, the sister ship, was out floating around while a movie was being filmed on it with like Tom Cruise and such.  It's maiden voyage is this week.

We had room service like three times at least, daily.  Even when we weren't hungry.  Even right after dinner.  I have never ate so much in my life.

The Bahamas!!! 
We slept in and missed it.  We got pictures from the deck, so that kinda counts.

The waiters would cut his food.  Sometimes they'd even feed him.

Oasis of the Seas honeymoon get together where we won some stuff, ate some cake, and met some others...

Rock climbing wall (that we didn't get to play on since Ben's a druggy and a crippley).

Aqua Theater where they had the diving show and showed movies.  The diving show was canceled the night we had tickets because the ship was rocking like craaazy.  We were able to watch a later show, and it was pretty neat.  I can see why they canceled it for the rocking.  I don't know how they do that stuff period.

Ha.  I made him.

We were on the Love and Marriage game show!!  We did get embarrassed, and we didn't win either.  Haha.  It replayed on the tv all week long and everywhere we went people were like "it's the honeymooners!!"  The crew must get awfully bored and watch tv a lot because they recognized us at dinner, walking around, on deck, etc.  I think they recognized us right away because of Ben's sling.  And I think we told his story like 500 times.

The ship gave us dvds, so maybe you'll see a part of us dominating (ahem) the old and mid aged couples.  But I can assure you you will only see short, selected clips.  haha

The theater:

St. Thomas!!

More free champagne that we gave away.


St. Maarten!!
This was our favorite island!!!

I buzzed Ben's head on our deck while at St. Maarten!!

Ben cut my hair with the surgical scissors from the Medical floor since you can't bring scissors on board.  They gave them to him for his arm, but little did they know what else they'd be used for.  :)

Thanksgiving day people walked around with turkeys on their heads.  Kind of random.

He was camera shy cuz I don't think he was used to his baldness yet.  It had only been like two hours.  I like it though!!  Especially now that it's got some color.

Ben reading...

The Wyndam Hotel where RC put us up for the night between our cruises.

I never saw a gator.  =(  I waited there for a long time.

Nothing good to say about this guy, for the record.  LOL

Miami, where the Liberty of the Seas departed from.  It is a crowded, old, badly designed port.  So if you have a choice then cruise out of Fort Lauderdale!!!  It was soooo much nicer and quicker in Fort Lauderdale.

Ages 16+ Solarium...no kids...aaahhh.  =)

I didn't do the Flow Rider.  It's not fun to do something w/o my broken Ben.  But we watched!

Ice show!!  They were spectacular!

Ben pretending to be excited about winning another bottle of free champagne.  =)

Honeymooner's lunch on the Liberty.  These guys were hilarious!!

Formal night on the Liberty:

We were on the Love and Marriage show on the Liberty too!!  I think we made it on both shows because everyone felt bad for my crippled husband.  They made all the couples audition in front of the entire theater!!  Gah.  I'm no good at winning over crowds, so I credit Ben.

The game shows were different so we didn't have much of a head start from the week before's show...dang.  I think secretly we were hoping to wipe the board clean.  Totally didn't work out as planned.

I'm holding more champagne we won.  Haha.

Only in Mexico (Cozumel).  They were going so slow.  They paid money for that.

We both read two books!  His were twice as long as mine.  :)

I love him!  And we're married.

The honeymoon was awesome despite the injury and drugs!!  Life makes us happy.  We like being together a whole lot.

As for Ben, he got his stitches out this week and he also got rid of the sling.  Yay.  He's healing quicker than the doctor was expecting, so that's great news.  It's been over a month since the accident now.

That's all for now.


  1. #1: Hornymoon! Haha! Can't believe I haven't heard that before.
    #2: I looooooove your swimsuit! I want one just like it.
    #3: I also looooove your haircut! I love that picture of you with the passports with your hair a little wavy. SO cute.
    #4: Poor guy, not being able to use his body fully on the honeymoon... Not able to rock climb, floride, And I'm sure it hindered other activities ;)
    #5: Don't make fun of the people paying to ride the water weenie! My family did that in Mexico and it was a lot of fun... Matter of fact, that's the only excursion we did!

    Looks like fun times, and I love all the pics! You should invest in a DSLR so you can enjoy your picture taking obsession even more!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun and it looks like it too!! Your hair looks cute! You are cutting it into a bob aren't you? I thought I read that on facebook or something lol. I love your swimming suit where did you get it? Glad you guys had so much fun!! And glad Ben is healing fast!

  3. How fun, you two! I'm so happy for you! My favorite pics are the goofy face new hair pic, and the one of Ben "reading" in bed...hahaha!!!