Wedding Day (gathered pics)! Yay!

We're back from the honeymoon and it was great!!!  The weather here is depressing though, it reminds me of why we want to move.  And Ben's arm is healing well (still looks super Frankenstein nasty) and he hopes to lose the sling next week.  We'll see what the doc says.

Here are a couple wedding pics gathered up.  I'll post the honeymoon and professional wedding pics this upcoming week or two, or when I find time.  I have videos I want to post sometime too...Ben in the hospital (hehe), honeymoon stuff, maybe a clip from my bachelorette party (if I can get permission ;).  But since videos don't show up in our printed blogbooks, I tend to neglect posting them.

This probably sounds really silly, but we planned how we'd walk out of the temple doors before we even got married.  Then once we were in the lobby about to come out, we realized it wouldn't work with his broken arm, so he opened the door with his back.  =)  Plan B.

Disneyland did not let Jolie come after all.  So much for an entire family picture.  Impossible I think.

I love this pic!  How creative Rob and Chris were.

We had a slumber party the night before, and Joe was totally cool with sleeping on the floor next to Ryan's bed.  Didn't think much of it til now.  :)

I was so drained by here.  Maybe since I had to get up at 2:30 that morning.

I'm so mean and put the garter as far up as I could.  He couldn't find it with his one good arm.

We had a get together the next afternoon after we returned from the Anniversary Inn.  My dad ordered in Maddox Chicken, and we ate wedding cake and opened presents.  It was such a great idea to get together again before everyone went back home!!  I felt like with Ben's accident we didn't get to enjoy out of town company as much as we'd have liked to.

It was the best day ever and I'm so lucky!!  =)

And it's late.  My internal clock still thinks it's much later.
Nighty night.

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  1. YAY glad to see pictures you both look so happy and you look amazing!! Can't wait to see more. Glad you guys had fun on your honeymoon!