Wedding Day!! - The Luncheon & Reception!!

Both the wedding luncheon and reception were held at Canterbury Place, a former church and now reception hall where my dad was blessed yeaaaaars ago.  :)  One of my family members had her reception there and I fell in love with it clear back then.  It was a wonderful day and everything as far as the day activities, went great.

I stressed about everything, I never actually realized it until it was over.  From changing our date (our original date actually stormed like crazy), my sis still not coming cuz of DL, Ben's accident the Saturday before, changing my endowments date, the weather, to worrying we'd run out of food (we ended up having the perfect amount), I worried about it.  I even stressed about trying not to stress and trying to enjoy it all.  But it really was so much fun to plan it.  I'm ready to move on to being married and stressing about other things!!  (Like where to move?)

Here are some of the pics I thought I'd post.

Ben publicly thanked Colter for getting the bolder off of him and dragging him to the mouth of the cave before he went into shock.  One of Colter's professors had said that if you get an injury in a cave, you'll die unless you get out right away.  I'm grateful for Colter.

I love my bridesmaids!

Dancing to "The Only One In Color" by Trapt.  It took months to decide on a song.  We wanted a rock song and not an obviously-chosen-by-the-bride song.  You'll hear it on one of our wedding videos.

My dad is wearing Ben's ring since it didn't fit Ben's swollen fingers.

Colter helping Ben.

We are burning DVDs for family and also friends that requested to see all the pictures, but if you click the pictures above they will enlarge and you can save them on your comp.

One more wedding pic post.


  1. Oh my gosh - these are so cute! There are so many precious ones! I can't remember them all, but I love the one of the baby kissing Ben, and the one of your dad, smiling, while dancing with you. And we make dancing look like some serious business. Can I get a copy of these? It is so fun to relive this day. Rob did an amazing job - your pictures look amazing!

  2. Great pics! It looked like a very beautiful place where you guys got married. I love the decorations!!

  3. LOVE the bobble heads on the cake!!! Custom made???