Wedding Day!! - The SLC Temple!!

Here are some temple pictures!

I feel so blessed to have met such a sweetheart and to now be sealed to him.  He's the greatest thing in my life and makes me so happy!  We had made big plans for the week before our wedding.  We always wanted to go get massages the day before, and have a dinner the night before with people whom came into town and were slumbering at our place.  We wanted to get some decent sleep so that waking up wouldn't be so rough.  I was going to take the day off work.  How exciting.

Well things didn't work out the way we planned.  All those things we were going to do the week of our wedding went down the drain on our priority list.  They were so important to us to, but just like that we didn't even care.  I took the week of work off (prior to the 3 weeks I had scheduled off, gah) and spent it at Ben's bedside.  I slept on the floor every night and woke up when his alarms went off, and adjusted him or called the nurse.

Released from the hospital, Ryan took Ben to the dentist to get his front chipped tooth fixed.  While he was lying in the cave, he open his mouth and spit out a little chunk of tooth and he was so worried about it.  He kept saying, "I've ruined everything.  I've ruined the wedding and the pictures, and the wedding night."  He made sure everyone knew he was getting married the following Friday, and Dr. King was like, uhhhh.  :)

After the dentist we dropped everything at Canterbury Place and we all headed to the beautiful Bountiful temple for my endowment session!  Ben still rocked (sorta) his brand new gray suit we planned for so long to buy for this day, and the outfit I had picked out for going to my first time at the temple I didn't even bother with in my hurry.  During the session, Ben's arm leaked all over his clothes and I felt so bad for him.  After the session we all went to dinner and I had to leave because my ring still hadn't been picked up from the shop from getting buffed/cleaned, and they were closing and called me wondering where I was.  I would freak out if the ring was missing at the wedding!!

We got home at 10 that night, and I still wanted to dye another pair of gloves and make a collage of the pictures of Ben's accident and be in bed since I had to wake up at 2:30am to get ready.

Things were absolutely crazy leading up to our wedding day.  They didn't go as planned, but we're glad we didn't postpone the wedding again.  We were long ready to be sealed.  I'm thankful for the way things ended up working out and I realize every day how lucky I am to have Ben in my life.  Nothing makes me happier than to leave work knowing I get to see my honey soon.  Now we're sealed and we'll be together for eternity and nothing can top that.  I love you Benny!!!

Family/friends: click the pictures above to enlarge them and save them on your computer, and make sure to look at the past two posts with wedding pictures as well.  We'll burn DVDs asap.

The Buhrs


  1. Seriously woman - you're gorgeous, these pictures are amazing, and I am SO happy for you guys! I love you two.

  2. Love the pictures with the monster energy drinks...Classic!