It's true. I added my husband on Facebook.

Exactly two years ago, today.

"Hi Christy, shoe lover and online stalker. Do i know you, or is this what you broadcast yourself to be, and the beginning of a facebook bully session? eh? Or did you add me by mistake? Or are you looking to use me as a resource for my extensive mastery of the engineering profession? Interesting, you dont look to be the brown nosing type... the stalker and the shoe lover thing i gotta hand to you tho... written all over your face. anyway. hey. glad to be friends."

I was embarrassed for awhile, not gonna lie.  But Ben probably had lots of stalkers because he's so hot.  :)  Thank goodness I got to marry him cuz I actually clicked the lil add button.

Some more B bits...
B:  "What if we meet and it sux? What if u are not what I have in my head? What if it turns out that your pics are fakes? Eh? What if I'm only as half as cool as I told u I am? What if you are just a maneater n wanna break another boy? What if you stutter? What if I haven't asked the right questions? And on and on..... Right?"

B: "Its Buhr! Like boo-er. German. Right. I know. Yes. Not really. Nope, no nazi tattoos. Ok. Good talk."

"It's time to hop on your plane,
Your friends think you're insane,
But you don't really care,
If they just stand and stare,
Because off to Vegas you come,
To spend a weekend with a bum!"

It still all boggles my mind a lil bit.  Crazy it's been two years.  Sometimes it feels that way, and sometimes it feels like it was just the other day that we met.  But I'm glad it's today and not two years ago.  I like knowing the fact that I somehow tricked him into sticking around, permanently.  I'm a genius.  :)

AND after this morning's games...
 TGIT!!  Have a loverly day.

Old School

These are a few old school pictures (from maaaaany different times).

Since we've been married...

Some very important facts, mind you.

-My last name is now Buhr.  And just to throw it out there, you pronounce it "BOO-ER," and not like you're cold, brrr.  But we do respond to both.

-Chef Boyarben has taken my NY resolution over and cooked ME a nice meal every week before I get home (I work tens).  He likes to cook, and he's superb.  This week it'll be shredded beef enchiladas.
Chicken pockets (with sauce).

We invited the fam.

Cheesy crock pot potatoes and chicken strips.
-I still have a hard time remembering my last name has changed, especially when it comes to signing my work docs.

-I have learned that my hubby is quite the launderer.  Somehow he already knew which stuff to dry and not dry.  That's cool.

-Before being married we never watched tv.  So I have gone from zero tv to having watched way too many Kardashians on our new Netflix.  Oh. my. gosh. they are hilarious.  My dad once asked, "are they really as dysfunctional on the show as in the previews?"  Ha.  Hmmmyes.  But I love their shoes.
Check out my newest addition, arriving shortly.

-So I've begun a project of scanning old junior high/high school/all cheer/etc. pictures into my computer for digital back-up (and kicks and giggles).  I've recently become paranoid of a fire, etc. (after watching National Geographic natural disaster shows on Netflix), so we're going to buy a fire safe for our external hard drive back-ups, and all the wedding stuff.  They just did a seismic upgrade on the Tabernacle and the State Capitol for crying out loud.  We are doomed.

-It's weird to share a bank account.  It's kind of fun, really.

-Ben started playing racquetball with my boss in December.  Their total game wins are 8 for Ben, 4 for Shawn (Ben's still in a cast, mind you).  I made a pie chart and hung it proudly in the office. 
Last week's games didn't go too well, though, and this morning my boss re-hung the pie graph to my dismay.

-My eating habits have been out of whack for awhile, yes, but since that problem's been fixed, I still eat a lot of jello.  Just sayin'...

-We are in ward limbo, still.  Why did they dissolve the married wards.  :/  Worst idea ever.

-We still stay up until 2-3am on the weekends.  Now we just need some exciting places to go at that time of night.  Wal-Mart doesn't cut it anymore.

Life is finally slowing down a little bit for the first time in a long time.  We are enjoying our "honeymoon phase" of being married, Ben's arm is healing well, and we're enjoying the SUNNY weather we've had (though it's so deceiving).

Life is still happy.  :)

A little FYI on Ortho Evra.

I had my gallbladder out last June and it was smooth sailing for a couple of months.  About September rolled around and I started getting sick.  I haven't been able to eat much, since, without being doubled over in pain for the following days, BUT I have been able to eat small amounts of snack foods/dry foods without trouble (so I have thus become a junk-food-a-holic and eaten more of it than real food hence the NY resolution).  I assumed it was post gallbladder problems.  Perhaps I'm one of the 1/30,000 unlucky ones that has a body that won't adjust.

So I began a journey of drinking prescription Questran, a horrible powder you mix into water (pulpy limeade in my case), and literally gag down (with a straw in my case), twice a day.  It really doesn't dissolve.  It's so nasty.  So for the past while I have consumed a glass of Questran, 1-2 hours before a meal.  Sometimes I thought it helped, sometimes it didn't at all.  There was absolutely no pattern between foods and the pain, but I kept up with my Questran.  All my gallbladder research gave examples of people just like me, with their doctors stumped.
I went to see Dr. L recently and he prescribed me some medication for a gastrointestinal problem being that my symptoms didn't start right after surgery.  He didn't seem to think it was my lack of a gallbladder.

The problem has been solved, and I have been cured for three days now and I'm ecstatic as I drink my Monster (they killed me and I only could have a small sip on my wedding day, something I was really sad about haha), and think about how I'm going to lunch at Quiznos today, pain free even if I don't get a small salad.  The problem was Ortho Evra, my birth control.  (Thanks goodness my belly was okay on the wedding.  I ate like a bird all week before it to be safe.)
The week w/my patch off was a week where I noticed I was able to eat a little more food.  I put a new one on, on Sunday, and Monday I woke up with stomach problems and it clicked.  I started BC in September, and the timeline matched up.  Talked to a different OB and sure enough, he doesn't prescribe OE at all because it makes people so sick.  Did some research and the reviews weren't that great either.  Went home and ripped the patch right off.  Felt better the next morning and since (which is a super long stretch for me).

So you live and learn, and unfortunately it messed up my belly (and thus my bubbly usual self) during the most intense months of my life, but I'm happy to get rid of the birth control that gives off the most hormones out of any of them. WTF is right.

If you have recommendations, let me know or text me, etc.  I would like to find something else.  Nuva Ring?  Something that doesn't make a lady crazy, preferably.  :)

Year 2010!

2010 was the best and craziest year.  Then again, our together life has never been boring.  (Even when preferred, really.)

There are so many memories of 2010!!  I think I spent almost two months on vacation (how I took that for granted), and for a guy who never visits the doctor, Ben sure had a lot of surgeries.  Zero of which were planned.

Some memories feel like so long ago (maybe since 2010 was a long year).  Oh I loved so much about that year.
NYE 2009-2010, Las Vegas, 2 weeks after proposal

New Year's Night 2010 - Eve Nightclub

Moving from Vegas to Utah.  Mid-January.  A wonderful day!!  And a sad farewell.

Appendicitis in February.

Spring dress shopping.  We actually saw two girls in this exact dress.

Vegas/shopping visit for Spring Break.

We visited Hoover Dam numerous times to see the bridge progress.  So here it is in March during our visit.


Disneyland in April.

Vegas visit in May.

Memorial Day in Park City with the fam.

Camping/hiking in Logan Canyon with the fam in June.

Gallbladder surgery in June.

More camping at Pineview in June.

Fourth of July parade, annual family float.

Lake Powell in July.

Hawaiian cruise in July/Aug.  This is Kona.

Honolulu, HI

My dress took forever to be completed.  Here it is after the train was put in in July.

Engagements with Rob Higginson Photography in August.

Bridal/Groomals with Color Blue Photography in August.

Slumber Party thanks to Jamers!

Bridals/Groomals with Rob Higginson Photography in September.

Wedding Shower - September

Another visit to Vegas for a job interview.  We're hoping a job opens soon with this company, with decent pay, so we can move back.  Fingers crossed.

While Ben interviewed...

My sis was named the Ambassador of Disneyland in October.

Bachelorette party dancers.  ;)
At Bluebird

Ben diligently attended Crossfit six times a week, all year.  The last time he went was the morning of the 6th.  Goodness I think he is so hot, you're (un) lucky I only posted one of these.  :)

Canteen Sinks Cave with Liz and Cooder, Logan Canyon.  11.6.10

Post accident.  Waiting for Search and Rescue.

Doing much better after the Morphine thank goodness.

Took 5 1/2 hours.

Out of the hospital, got his tooth fixed, and then I took out my endowments.  Married 12 hours later ...on Morphine and Lortab.  (However I can get him to say YES.)  :)

Wedding Day 11.12.10

Our day was perfect.

Honeymoon cruising to the Western/Eastern Caribbean.

We cut each others hair on the cruise.

We were in the Love and Marriage Game Show.

On both ships.  (But we never won.)

New hair.  First time short in four years.

First Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Buhr.

If we could have it our way, we'll move this year and begin a new life (and win the lottery and be able to spend all our time traveling to every Caribbean place)!!  We both love the idea of being thrown into an entire new scenario/place (hopefully warm).  What better time to explore than before we have kidlets?

Life is happy.