2011 Resolution Time

Happy New Year!!
 It's 2011!

It is resolution time agaaaain.  Maybe I'll do better with my goals than I did in 2010.  I didn't even make any in 2009 which worked out splendidly that year, but I think I'll make some for this year.

1.  Work out/stay in shape:
For 2010 I set a number of days per week to work out, but this year I'm going to just plainly put it out there as a "to do."  With my gall bladder problems, vacations, and wedding planning, I started to struggle during 2010.  And right now I'm thoroughly enjoying my junk food lifestyle, but I think that it'd better calm itself down, hence the goal.  Seriously since the honeymoon I have just gorged myself as I please.  It has been so delightful.
And I still want to take karate with Ben so when he's all healed up perhaps we'll begin our journey together.

2.  Scripture studies and prayers with Benny:
I used to rock at these two on my own.  For some reason now that I have Benny I find myself falling asleep on the couch by him, or being exhausted when it's time to slumber and being so ready to cuddle up to my honey.  Ben's the one that always remembers and I knock myself in the head for always forgetting.  Now we have a cute little chart that we can dry erase mark our way to some awesome reward of dinner or something, just like in Primary.  Great idea!  It was mine.  :)

3.  Cook dinner for Ben:
Since we've moved into the apartment together we enjoy eating our Top Ramen, Tuna Helper, Bagel Bites, chicken strips, potpies and all foods that Ben use to be grossed out over when he saw someone's shopping cart filled chuck full of them.  They are delicious in my opinion (I'm the lowest maintenance eater on the planet), they're super cheap, and there is no wasted food or leftovers you have to eat before they go bad.  The clean up is nothing, the cooking time is next to nothing, the dirty pots and pans are nil, and everyone's happy.  Plus the kitchen is just as clean as it was when you started.  Seems like such a practical plan.  Sometimes eating just gets in the way, so it's a quick solution to caloric consumption.
However, I want to cook a nicer, healthier dinner for my honey at least once a week, especially for when he goes back to the gym and can't have sodium in a cup for a meal, every meal.  So this is the goal for 2011.  And I have some wonderful recipes to begin with.  But tonight it'll be leftover pork roast.  Yum.

4.  Get back to recording my music:
I've recently recognized the fact that my creativity on the piano is fed by frustration in life.  Back in the days of dating some rather odd fellers (one that has to be a sociopath), I'd come home at night and just pound out a new song, start to finish, in just a few minutes total.  It was great, and somehow so easy to do.
Since I met Ben I have struggled for the first time in coming up with new material.  I have to focus more, and it takes five times as long to knock out a song.  My goal is to find a way that allows me to start composing like I did back in the days of  "I hate dating!"  Or just another way to get the creativity flowing once again.  I'm confident I'll find a way.

5.  Make a specialized budget:
Instead of just "save, save, save," it'd be nice to budget our money to save for certain things, categories, and to be able to easily track where each penny goes.  We can start back up Ben's Porsche fund, Anniversary trips/vaca fund, tithing, savings, emergency, shoes hehe, etc.  Or if we're feeling up to it even more, break it down even further.

Those are the Big Five for 2011.
Here's to hoping I do better than I did last year.


  1. I love those resolutions. Good luck! I know you can do it

  2. For my finances, after you create your budget, I found taking the money out as soon as you get paid and putting it into savings is the easiest way to save it. That way you're not counting on it, or "accidently" spend it. Good luck!

    Great resolutions!