Hmmmm :/

I'll admit that I'm not as good at blog stalking as I am at blogging.  Mostly because I'm determined to keep up with our blog books for the memories, but I still have to keep up with my workload which hasn't been this busy in over a year or two (good signs for our eco I sure hope).  In fact, I recently just played around in blogger and discovered the different tabs, settings, etc., and came across some neat applications, and also something that made me a little leery for a minute or two.

There's a setting called "STATS."  It shows you everything.  How many views per day, per post, where a person found your blog (from another blog, google, etc.) and it lists all those urls.  It also shows you what words people have googled to find your blog.  It shows you your most viewed post, how many views it has, it even breaks it down into "now," or "today," or "this week," or "this month," or "overall."  It draws you a cute line graph to spell it out even more as if you couldn't read the numbers in the first place.  And you can see if somebody from Hong Kong or Guam has been perusing your blog.

So I now know my #1 traffic source to this blog is my old blog.  I was surprised which blog the #2 traffic source came from, and some of the traffic sources come from folks clear far away that I have never even heard of.  I showed some unsuspecting blogs to my honey and we both were like, "hmmm...well they sure look nice, but I don't think I know them."

So for an evening I decided to go private with the blogging.  But then the next day I got over it and changed my mind because I don't post my most personal stuff on here, we are child-less, we have guns, sleep with a gun, know karate (well, hmm, plan to, but I know how to high kick), and there are probably some really great potential friends that have taken a gander here (or vice versa).  And hopefully that outweighs the creepers that have access.  Also, hopefully I've removed our blog from showing up on search engines from here on out.

So bottom line is if you didn't know about the stats, and perhaps I'm way behind the times, you should check it out.  It's interesting.  And also, if you're a normal non-creeper type person, I don't mind you reading our blog.  Sometimes I land on complete strangers blogs myself.

If you're a creeper, however, then stay away...


  1. I didn't know that even existed! I think that's pretty cool, I'm glad you shared about it!

  2. That is crazy I had know idea that was there. Mine isn't that exciting though because our blog is private so yeah not very many people look at our blog :)

  3. Hey thanks for the heads up! I'm going to check mine out. And I went private with our family blog for about half a year and it was a PAIN for every family member or friend to have to login every time they wanted to see it. So I switched it back. We'll see how long it lasts.

  4. I'm not a creeper...but I do follow your blog! It's fun to read updates and see how my good ol' friend is doing. :) My blog is private only because I do have children. It makes me feel more safe. :)

  5. Thanks to this little post... I'm sightly creeped out by this... but at least you know who is looking at things! Thanks for sharing! So glad you and Ben are doing so well!