It's true. I added my husband on Facebook.

Exactly two years ago, today.

"Hi Christy, shoe lover and online stalker. Do i know you, or is this what you broadcast yourself to be, and the beginning of a facebook bully session? eh? Or did you add me by mistake? Or are you looking to use me as a resource for my extensive mastery of the engineering profession? Interesting, you dont look to be the brown nosing type... the stalker and the shoe lover thing i gotta hand to you tho... written all over your face. anyway. hey. glad to be friends."

I was embarrassed for awhile, not gonna lie.  But Ben probably had lots of stalkers because he's so hot.  :)  Thank goodness I got to marry him cuz I actually clicked the lil add button.

Some more B bits...
B:  "What if we meet and it sux? What if u are not what I have in my head? What if it turns out that your pics are fakes? Eh? What if I'm only as half as cool as I told u I am? What if you are just a maneater n wanna break another boy? What if you stutter? What if I haven't asked the right questions? And on and on..... Right?"

B: "Its Buhr! Like boo-er. German. Right. I know. Yes. Not really. Nope, no nazi tattoos. Ok. Good talk."

"It's time to hop on your plane,
Your friends think you're insane,
But you don't really care,
If they just stand and stare,
Because off to Vegas you come,
To spend a weekend with a bum!"

It still all boggles my mind a lil bit.  Crazy it's been two years.  Sometimes it feels that way, and sometimes it feels like it was just the other day that we met.  But I'm glad it's today and not two years ago.  I like knowing the fact that I somehow tricked him into sticking around, permanently.  I'm a genius.  :)

AND after this morning's games...
 TGIT!!  Have a loverly day.


  1. Thanks honey! It was my pleasure and now look at how lucky I am! ILU!

  2. love that little "add" button on facebook! :)

  3. Love it! It is so fun to hear about how you two met. Every time some new tidbit comes out!