Oopsy :S

Okay, so that last post kind of backfired after I got a couple of comments from apologetic unknown followers.  I really don't mind if you follow.  I just thought I'd share the "stats" for anyone out there whom wasn't aware of them.  I would make this blog private if I was overly concerned with what I've learned at this point.

I really didn't mean to embarrass anyone (except creepers).


  1. I never knew about that STATS button! Creepy! thanks for sharing! I love the blog books!!

  2. Oh and I have been meaning to tell you, Rob Higginson did my wedding and he is fabulous! I love all your wedding pictures!

  3. Well I love all your updates and you're much better at blogging than I am- your stories are fun when I cruise through all my blogs when I need a break from the kiddos to see what people are up to... I love that you print it all out.. lots easier than scrapbooking!

    Have a happy year-