Since we've been married...

Some very important facts, mind you.

-My last name is now Buhr.  And just to throw it out there, you pronounce it "BOO-ER," and not like you're cold, brrr.  But we do respond to both.

-Chef Boyarben has taken my NY resolution over and cooked ME a nice meal every week before I get home (I work tens).  He likes to cook, and he's superb.  This week it'll be shredded beef enchiladas.
Chicken pockets (with sauce).

We invited the fam.

Cheesy crock pot potatoes and chicken strips.
-I still have a hard time remembering my last name has changed, especially when it comes to signing my work docs.

-I have learned that my hubby is quite the launderer.  Somehow he already knew which stuff to dry and not dry.  That's cool.

-Before being married we never watched tv.  So I have gone from zero tv to having watched way too many Kardashians on our new Netflix.  Oh. my. gosh. they are hilarious.  My dad once asked, "are they really as dysfunctional on the show as in the previews?"  Ha.  Hmmmyes.  But I love their shoes.
Check out my newest addition, arriving shortly.

-So I've begun a project of scanning old junior high/high school/all cheer/etc. pictures into my computer for digital back-up (and kicks and giggles).  I've recently become paranoid of a fire, etc. (after watching National Geographic natural disaster shows on Netflix), so we're going to buy a fire safe for our external hard drive back-ups, and all the wedding stuff.  They just did a seismic upgrade on the Tabernacle and the State Capitol for crying out loud.  We are doomed.

-It's weird to share a bank account.  It's kind of fun, really.

-Ben started playing racquetball with my boss in December.  Their total game wins are 8 for Ben, 4 for Shawn (Ben's still in a cast, mind you).  I made a pie chart and hung it proudly in the office. 
Last week's games didn't go too well, though, and this morning my boss re-hung the pie graph to my dismay.

-My eating habits have been out of whack for awhile, yes, but since that problem's been fixed, I still eat a lot of jello.  Just sayin'...

-We are in ward limbo, still.  Why did they dissolve the married wards.  :/  Worst idea ever.

-We still stay up until 2-3am on the weekends.  Now we just need some exciting places to go at that time of night.  Wal-Mart doesn't cut it anymore.

Life is finally slowing down a little bit for the first time in a long time.  We are enjoying our "honeymoon phase" of being married, Ben's arm is healing well, and we're enjoying the SUNNY weather we've had (though it's so deceiving).

Life is still happy.  :)


  1. I am glad that everything is going well. I don't know how you are going to walk in those shoes, I would fall on my butt because I am so clumsy. And Ben's food looks awesome!!

  2. so fun, glad married life is treating you well! :) come to summerhaze ward!!!

  3. I want to have dinner at your house :)