A few things in singular post form (I'm a listy person)...

A.  Happy Birthday to my talented brother, Dil.  He turned 17 yesterday.

Some recents:
Playing for the highschool Productions musical - 1.27.11

Battle of the Bands - "Your Surrender" drummer

I can't believe he's 17.  Happy Bday bud!

B.  We had a fun weekend with Liz, Colter, Nancy, and Ian!!  We went to Trolley Square (which I still kind of think feels a little creepy since the shooting), had way too much dinner (I'm still full), and then saw PJ Walsh at Wiseguys.  It was such a good time, I think we should do it again, and soon.
Rodizio Grill - Trolley Square

After Wiseguys, Ben and I took a quick hour and a half stop on the way home to go do some booty shakin' at QUANTUM.  It's a new little club on 4th.  Not too crowded, but no cover and it has the music video screens, fog, the whole nine yards.  It's really pretty nice, just needs a few more bodies.

This chica was out of control.

C.  This black leather bed is on my wish list (without the Halloween theme that seems to be going along with it).  I do want a TALL bed, but this bed really is way more cool in person than this picture (sweeear), and I think I might want it more than a tall one, but maybe not.  IDK.

Did I mention this is on my wish list too?

"Want" can be such a dangerous word, thus the word WISH.

D.  It's cold.
E.  That's all.  I have to work.  Happy Tuesday!

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  1. 1. battle of the bands is so awesome!!! and your brother and you look sooo much alike :)
    2. that bed ROCKS!! (i can picture it in your house w pretty pink pillows ;)
    3. it is WAYYYY too cold here :(