Hello there.

This is insane!!  It's February!!

This is funny.

This is cute.

This is cuter (I randomly stumbled across it).

And this is not my Friday. I have to work tomorrow. But still, TGIT.  

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  1. A. I can hardly stand stepping outside lately. It's just too blasted cold!! And what really bugs me, is that Savanna and Easton's school still sent them out for recess...even two days ago when it was WINDY and bone-chilling cold!! C'mon, people!!

    B. I have a hard time understanding Atheism. I think it's just an easy excuse for people not wanting to surrender to the fact that there is, indeed, a Higher Power.

    C. That dress is absolutely darling and you would look smashing in it!

    D. Is that your dog? Is he an Italian Greyhound? He's adorable! I love dogs. It's hard for me to believe that I haven't always. We got our first dog on year ago and I am dying to get one more. :)