The Many Manners of Mar...February. Still February.

Manner A:
We get a lot of Zeppe's Italian Ice.  Like, a LOT.  They are only open Wed.-Sat. (winter hours), so we even made a trip north to David's Italian Ice on Tuesday (good, but not as good).  Grand total for the past week...4 trips!!  We are fatties.

On our fourth trip we purchased a gallon to bring home.  Then we had two (Ben three) more servings, each, that night.  This stuff is sooooooo good.  The gallon is like half gone already.  Maybe more.

Zeppe's fulfills, as Yogurtland once did.

It is on Main St., across from Hobby Lobby.  A kid's size is only like $1.50.

Blue Raspberry & Strawberry-Banana

Manner B:
And here is my hair again!!  It's shorter and more stacked.  I love it!  I stopped putting in dark brown, so it's lightened up a bit.  It is so easy to do.  I'm super happy with it.

Manner C:
This weekend James came up, and we all got some food with the madre and boyfriend.
Costa Vida

Manner D:
I'm going through a phase (have been for forever) where I really wish I had to dress up for work.  Okay, not had to, but could.  I love my short hair because I no longer can throw it in a quick pony for (ridiculously early) work, but I actually have to do it.  Yay.  However, I still feel like a bum when I go home to my sweet husband.  I know he doesn't care, but I do.  I love being all dressed nicely, and especially I love my heels.
I don't dress up because...
1.  If I go 'out back,' it's all sawdust-y and dirty.  Even one second does a job on black.
2.  I have been completely covered in mud before, from a job site.  If I even wore heels to a job site I would be made fun of before being handed a pair of nasty, way too big, random girl's (or guy's) boots.  Maybe I speak from experience.  Maybe not.  :)  Woopsy.
3.  I work with men.  I do not want them commenting on my attire.  That just makes me feel awkward for some reason.  I need another girly girl to work with.

That is all for now.
20 days until spring officially starts.
13 days until Daylight Savings begins.
Pretty happy.  :)


  1. i love zeppes- yum yum! i know you loved yogurtland... have you tried yogotogo? it's in kaysville and is my favorite close by frozen yogurt. farrs fresh is also delish.

    oh, and cute hair!

  2. Your hair is sooooo very cute!! I love it on you!

  3. I have never had Italian ice. I always wanted to go and try it and now I think I I love the look on Ben face when he is eating it. I also love your hair!! I wish my hair can look that

  4. loving your hair short!! i am debating on cutting mine short again... it always looks so styled! and i totally understand the whole working with boys and if they say something i get almost embarrassed or something so weird!

  5. Love your short hair, it's super cute! We love Zeppes too! Our frieds actually own the one in Layton, it's delic isn't it :)!

  6. And our other friends own David's Italian Ice... ha ha... small world :).