Mister Arm Update - (not for the squeamish)

Ever since his doc appointment last week, the whole "cave ordeal" has been once again haunting me.  I think there are still going to be more nights of going from exhausted, to wide awake in bed, thinking of the 'what ifs.'  Why do I do this to myself.  Gah.  Thank you Hales genes.

So anyways, I found this and thought it was neat. It's a map of the Canteen Sinks Cave.

At the bottom of the map is the Big Entrance which was the sink hole we belayed into.

The accident happened belaying from the Fat Man's Overpass (though a fat nor chubby man could never make it clear back there, fyi) into the Broken Rock Room (how appropriate), on our way back out of the cave.

You can see how far back in the cave we were. Unfortunately it was on the other side of the tiny areas you slide through on your stomach...or get dragged through, if you're Ben.  :/

Big Entrance
Ben had a doctor appointment last week, and got his cast off.  The bone graft seems to be working, so the chances of another surgery, at this point, are small.  YAY.  But we did learn the doc wants to remove his plates next winter.  Boo.

One muscle that was crushed is now two separate ones or something.  Aside from being crooked, when he pumps his fist his arm bulges all nasty weird, but cool, none-the-less.  And apparently permanent.




The human body is absolutely amazing.  It has been just over 3 months.


Post first surgery.  The spongy looking thing (you can barely see it) is the wound vac.


I've been asked if we'll go back into caves or rock climb, and the answer is NO.  It was FUN, until it went bad.  But no.  Ben says no.  In a few years maybe he'll start to say "maybe," or "yes."  But I will say NO.  And this is a matter I will never say yes on, unless it's in a rock climbing gym.  Frankly, I don't even know where our helmets are.  And I don't care.
But I tell you, the noise that boulder made as it pulled out of the cave wall and rattled over the ledge in an otherwise eerily quiet cave...


Not to mention the vision, followed by those unimaginable thoughts and pure hysteria.  Then the calming blessing and shaky adrenaline.

I love him.  He is so precious to me. 


  1. So glad he wasn't hurt more seriously. What scary memories. That's smart of you to just say No to doing it again. Looks like it's healing well. Those are some pretty nasty pictures from back in November, but it will be fun to have them to look back on :).

  2. You guys have a lot to be thankful for. He arm looks amazing better than what it was before. I am glad things are looking good.

  3. Those kinds of experiences and memories are so haunting. You two went through more during that week of your lives than you probably ever will again. It's amazing you pulled through and that everything turned out alright. Thank goodness for miracles...and modern medicine. :)