Valentine's Day Slash 2 Years Slash Etc.

A bit of catch up...

We celebrated Valentine's Day this weekend, and it was also exactly two years since I flew down to actually meet Ben, so we got a hotel room at the Little America Hotel and Ben/we planned some fun times for the weekend.  It was such a good weekend!!! 
So we checked in at four, Friday, so we could do everything we wanted, including pool-ing and hot-tubbing.  I felt bad cuz I was semi ornery earlier since I wasn't feeling good, but Ben surprised me with ordering chocolate dipped strawberries, and sparkling peach cider.  He is a sweetheart.  He always cheers me up.  I can't ever take him for granted!!

I went into the bathroom and these were in the sink.  He's so sneaky.  What a happy surprise. Nothing tops shoesies.

After checking in, we jumped on Trax and headed a few blocks north to pay a visit to Promontory Tower at City Creek (I directed us onto a University train w/o paying attention and we had to make a switch at the library...oops).
So Promontory went on sale on Monday and already they put 24 under contract by Friday.  Geez.  The rooms range from $171k - millions, depending on the level.  We went through one on the 10th floor and 3rd floor, and really the Salt Lake Valley isn't all that great to look at.  I guess I was expecting neon signs and sweet buildings or something.  BUT, if you have millions to spend I suggest you get the north end, three bedroom on the 29th floor.  So sweet!!  You can read on your balcony as you stare at the temple, and then go downstairs and go shopping/grocery shopping at City Creek.  Could anyone ask for more?  (And then you could invite us over.)

Then dinner was a surprise when we pulled up to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  I've never been there and it was the best steak I have ever had, and it had shrimpies and could be cut with a butter knife.

My hair grows expensively fast, but I cut it and stacked it after these pics.  :)

Ben told them we've been together two years, and they gave us this for FREE.  Yay.
We ate so much that we did absolutely nothing after dinner.  We laid on our bed watching aimless tv like "Four Christmases," and the Food Network.  We had such high plans for the hot tub and pool, and scouted the area earlier, but there was no way either of us were about to roll ourselves out of bed and into our swimsuits.

We ate at the Cafe on Saturday morning, but I think I was still full from Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  We sat next to the Red Hat Society.  Never heard of them, but my hubby had.  A bunch of ladies wearing red hats while they ate their breakfast/lunch.  Hmmm.
What a happy weekend.  :)

Saturday we went home to see Dallin off on his highschool dance, Sweethearts.
Later that night we drove back to OBT for the All Stars Improv show.  It was sold out and a complete madhouse, but hilarious.  I freakin' love RUSS.  He is such a goober.

(Shawn is missing from this pic.)
The weekend before, we went on a date with Jamie/Zach, Sher/Jar, and Tiff/Zach. We did Olive Garden dinner followed by a not very funny night at OBT (the website totally lied about who was on).  But the company was fab, as always.

I stole this from Tiff since I took all but one lovely pic.
We went down to Expo Center again for the boat show.  We always enjoy some "SWAG," and autographed crap.

This boat was like 300k.

This waverunner has shocks and breaks (don't mind I look like a dork).


Not a huge Ute fan, but still cool.

In front (sorta) of the Malibu display.

We went home and my cute hubby made boats for us on their websites. :-]

We are typically on the lookout for cute condos/townhomes/small homes, etc., that maybe one day we'll move into if we don't get to move out of the state here in the next while (please, please, please).

The condos below are in Farmington (and maybe a little too close to the mountain that likes to catch on fire year after year).  But the even cooler looking ones were a street back and I didn't snap any pics.

And dinner with the familia at KIM LONG'S, where I'm in love with PHO (but nobody else is but my brother, James).  It tastes like Christmas.  :)  It gets a big recommendation.

And I'll end with another reason I love my hubby. Because he'll go to church like this...

I love my sweet Ben.  :)

Happy last week of February!


  1. I like how the pictures turned out from Valentine's. They look like old film pictures, what a great idea!! It looked like you guys had an amazing time!

  2. Hey. Houses in the Farmington area are never in danger of being burned because the fire was clear up toward the top of the peak. Those condos aren't even near :)

    Also, FYI they are building two more (that werent originally in the plan and are not sold yet) condos in our neighborhood. We would get a referral bonus and you would get free home appliances if it happened. Woo! (But I wouldn't want you to feel scared of natural disasters) :)


  3. dude...i am from Farmington and I am in love w those condos. but you should move to Foxboro (north salt lake). we need friends here :) cuz we have like none in our neighborhood. also, i am in love w those shoes. your man rocks for picking out such cute ones. glad you had a blast in vegas!!!

  4. We have a condo for sale or rent. It isn't as cute as those in the pictures but Stacy lived there 6 years and loved it. It is in Layton by the fire station on Fairfield.

  5. The best two years of my life! It has been amazing being with the most spectacular girl in the world and I feel like the luckiest boy ever to live! You are my everything and I love you for ever! Let's go for two more and then ten times ten times two more! Thank you angel!

  6. What a cute post and I love Ben's comment, soo cute! Seems like you two live in a dream land (in a good way)... always doing so many fun things :)!

  7. Looks like you had a great time! The shoes are freaking awesome and the chocolate strawberries are making my mouth water. I wish we could have gone to the All Star OBT, I bet it was great fun. :)

  8. Oh my gosh I totally love the fact that Ben commented on your post! Thats so cute, what a great hubby he must be! It looks like you guys had lots of fun together for Valentines, I'm glad to see you are loving married life!

  9. I love how you and Ben have so much fun together and make so many memories doing fun things. You will never, ever regret putting forth the effort, time, and money to play together while you can. :)

    I have never been to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, but I hear they have the most amazing steak you'll ever put past your lips!

    Ben is so cute. I love the comment he left on your blog. You're right--you should never take him for granted!

  10. P.S. Mat and I lived in the Clearwater Cove townhome community for the first five years (off and on) of our marriage and loved every minute of it!! You should totally get serious about buying a townhouse. It would be perfect for your lifestyle right now. :)