Marchy-time Madness-es

First, my take on the new crackle polish...

The light glare makes it hard to see, unfortunately.
I finally went and bought a bottle.  Kind of cool?  I still can't decide if:

A. They look sweet.
B.  They look sweet but only from 12" away.
C.  They look like a three year old painted my nails.

I think had I chosen a base color to not be white, they'd be a lot more awesome instead of looking like my nail polish is just cracking and chipping away.  I'll try again later this week.

On Friday, my grandma and grandpa were named Realtor of the year.  There were about 20-25 of us family there to surprise them at the luncheon/banquet.  They didn't know about the award, and they didn't know they'd walk in to see so many of us there.  It was really a fun surprise.  Once there, they didn't know why, but probably had to assume they were going to get some sort of award.  :)

The luncheon brought back memories of the days when I worked for Maxfield & Associates at Coldwell Banker, so I dug up our logo.  Ha.  I believe this was five years ago while I was still in college?
They made some Realtors do some embarrassing stuff at the banquet.

It was hilarious because we didn't know which award they were getting, so my aunts/uncles had their video cameras out videoing all of the awards, only to have my grandparents be very last.  My uncle even whispered, "maybe mom's just giving the closing prayer."  Haha.  My family cracks me up.

Last week Ben made his famous steak nachos (that I had to take a pic of, of course), and Liz came by for some.  They are the BEST.  I love when my hubby cooks.
The best steak marinade: Weber Southern Whiskey

Kitchen table is still covered with hospital bills.  :)  They are just never-ending I believe.

Dinner on Saturday night was at Happy Sumo.   YUM.  We used to go there every time Ben came to Utah, right from the airport.  The food is so delicious, but the service always is so bad which is unfortunate.  This time around it proved to be the same.
Mango Mamma
Rock 'n Roll
Such a wonderful picture.  Thank you waitress.

We bought another gallon of Zeppe's Italian Ice (the first gallon lasted not even five days between the two of us).
Aqua Fusion & Strawberry-Kiwi

And I'll end with a cute pic of my pup, Rykar.  He's a miniature Italian Greyhound, and ridiculously smart.  :)

6 days until Daylight Savings begins (and we can start jogging outside after work!).
13 until SPRING.

Life is slower now, but quite enjoyable.  Our family is in St. George this week, but we had to pass it up which is a big bummer (especially w/the 5-9" of snow on the radar).  I'm still catching up from missing work during November/December, and it's hard to justify another vaca so soon.  Gawsh, being grown-up is so overrated sometimes. 

Ben returned to Crossfit last week.  He can't ever do the daily routines since he's limited to five pounds of lifting, and who knows if he'll ever do a push-up/burpee again, but he's been so excited to at least do some rowing, biking, and running.  He's kept such a positive attitude on the whole thing, and I think he's super great!!

I recently have become a Photoshop guru (CS4) and spend my afternoons learning more about the program in-depth, and its abilities.  It is FUN.  I'm also debating returning to Crossfit with Ben, but for the dollar amount it might not be worth it for me.  I'm curious about a new gym called, "Pink," and I am thinking about taking some Zumba classes.  

Tis the life we currently live.  It's good.  Happy Monday!!


  1. I am way excited for Day Light savings time too. Yea! Your hair is darling and thanks for the pointers on my blog.

  2. I heard Pink is awesome especially doing Zumba. I have been wanting to try it for time to. It looks like fun!!

  3. Is PINK that gym down by Buy Direct in Layton? I've been wondering about that place. Although I haven't been to a gym for at least a year now...hehe. :)

    Your dog is adorable!! It doesn't look like he's the type that sheds, either--so that's a major plus, on top of being ridiculously smart!

    oh, and ps: I like your nails. They look really cute with your pink ring!

  4. Christy! I know your cute little grandparents! They are the sweetest couple! They used to come (they may still, I don't know since I don't work there anymore)into Golden Corral all the time! It's such a small world! I love that nail polish too! Super cute!