Mid-March Madness + Jorbs

Take II on the crackle polish:
This time I did pink on BLACK.  Tadah!!  Pretty cool.  I'm a fan.
So LHS' musical is going on right now, and it is one of my most favorite shows I've ever seen on Broadway, The Drowsy Chaperone.  They do a great job, it's hilarious, and my madre plays the piano for it.  Three great reasons to go buy tickets!  I believe it may be my most favorite LHS musical yet.
Whaaaaaat is it about the Asians, that fascinates Caucasians, what is it about the Asians that's so nice?  Is it the wontons, the eggrolls, the rice??
We spent time with Liz and Colter this weekend.  They fixed us a delicious salmon/stuffed mushrooms/asparagus/salad/rice dinner, and we finally saw Tangled (which was great, btw).  Cooder snuck an entire bottle of sparkling apple cider in, under his coat.  He said the girls next to him thought he was drinking alcohol the entire time (I think they had a crush on him, too.).  The drink nearly exploded when he opened it...with his knife.

So we eat a lot of treats on the weekends slash always.  I think I'm the one responsible for placing this habit upon Ben.  One nice thing about Ben's broken arm workout routine (which consists of really only sit-ups and air squats...everyday) is he still has thrown dieting to the wind to some degree.  YAY for me.  He used to say semi-no to sweets while I ate them.  Oh the guilt.  Oh the guilt.
We also hit up a show at Wiseguys where a local guy, Dave Ackerman (sp?), was on.  His sense of humor was so different, but he had us laughing.  We like Wiseguys, lately.  Especially since they don't say the eff bomb.  Constant eff bombing is so obnoxious in comedy.

This is Dave.

The rest of the weekend was full of exploring Photoshop and reading, really.  I am married to a (hot) giant tease.  :)

Insert page break here...


I wish.  It's actually become the opposite.  I liked when I was the only one busy at work so I could actually get my things done.  But I'm back to doing everything, and getting nothing done.  Boo.  So I'm here to gripe and moan about my constant income and job security.  Ha.  If only it were everything it sounded like!!

I'd like to try out a new job experience (I may change my Master's Degree to something with more women in it, ask me later) with a new salary (what I'm saying is I'm underpaid).  Pretty much that means we have to move.  And we'd like to, of course.  The idea has recently brushed by of up and moving to ARIZONA for a few months, for Ben's work.  But we're just not sure.  I'm not sure about Arizona for permanence.  But I am sure about the hot weather, a pool, and Ben's cute brother's family that lives there.  It'd be weird to go from so many years of working full time, to unemployed while just my hubby works.  I'd probably go completely mad.  But my job is wearing me down, it's getting so hard to keep a positive attitude, and I think I might actually enjoy focusing on my grad school for a time.  Don't get me wrong, I love what I got my degree in, but I'm feeling underutilized and overly depended on at my job.  I'm also tired of not being able to relate to anybody.  Something just has to change.

I wish I knew where we'd be in the next six months, year, etc.  It'd make harsh decisions so much easier to make now.  Decisions of moving, school, me looking for work elsewhere and such.  (Not decisions about having a critter.  Those aren't quite on the radar.)

Thus and behold, here is a little of my work as of more lately...
I edited out our company name/address, etc.

Almost finished wall (before they switched the sheetrock out).

I'm sometimes given super artistic drawings like this.

I turn them into these.

Unfortunately I don't see many finished projects since I move on to another one before they are even complete.  Thus I don't have too many sweet pics.  But we did just get awarded the Oakland Temple remodel!  Everyone that works on that one has to have a temple recommend.  That can be limiting.  My boss is trying to recruit Ben.  :)


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend. :) That is crappy about the whole job thing. I can't imagine how frustrated you must be. I remember telling Jared I wish we just had a crystal to see what the future had in store...it would make decisions a whole lot easier.

  2. Those desserts look yummy by the way. I totally know what you mean about not knowing where you are going to be at in 6 months or even a year because I don't even know where our lives are going to be at. Your job looks really complicated and too much work for me...lol That's great about the Oakland temple, I was born in Oakland.

  3. Lots of interesting stuff happening to you guys lately. I wish you the best with the future plans. We're in the same boat. Ugg...

    I also feel great respect for Liz's hubby sneaking in the apple cider. I need to up my sneaking food into movie theaters game.

  4. you made me crave some sweets! and i wanna go see that musical! i wish i could!!

  5. I can't believe what you do for work. That seems totally complicated to me!! You're so talented. I'm way impressed.

    I love Arizona. I wouldn't blink for hardly a second for the opportunity to move somewhere in the Phoenix area. :)