Parental Brag

I have awesome and talented parentals.  I am a lucky girl.  
I love them.  :)

Here's my mother playing for a Desert Star Theater show going on for the next month or so.  She literally plays non-stop throughout the show.  I don't know how she does it (especially right after the highschool musical).

And my daddy.  He's wonderful.

After the wedding, some of Ben's friends recognized my dad in the Sunday broadcasts of the Spoken Word.  (He's the one that looks like Niles from Frasier [sorry dad].)  He's been in the Motab for twelve years, I believe.  And yes, it is him, and he is way too humble to have told anyone at the wedding.  :)  He usually sits around 2-3 rows up, and right close to the ladies.

I love my mom and dad!

And I'm in Arizona and it's like 75 degrees.  Yay.
Happy Monday!!

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  1. You do have wonderful parents! Did you have have to rub it in about the weather? Ugh!!!!!!!!!