First, I must make mention that I am so, so happy that those missing snowmobilers were found last night.  I have been following the story since Sunday, and I was so sad for their families.  I can only imagine what they all went through for the near three days of not knowing what the outcome would be.  Hopefully the snowmobilers won't ever head out again without their beacons and GPS devices.
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Anyways, I got Photoshop CS4 for Christmas in 2009, but just barely registered it last week (last year was just a really busy year).  I've spent some time, since, editing raw images from our engagements/bridals-groomals/wedding, and a couple shoots of mine.  Such a huge learning curve.  But so fun.

More to come, as I learn how to do cool stuff!!

As for Ben, this is what he does next to me on the couch...
He has been reading his new book.  Such a cute hubby.  :)


  1. cute!! I want to get photoshop, I am obsessed with picnik, but want something else too. Do you just have a regular PC or a MAC???

  2. Thanks! PC. Still anti-Mac, but if I actually gave them a chance, perhaps in the future.

  3. I like them!! They are really neat. I wished I was that good at Photoshop.

  4. Love your photoshop!! The pic of you is soooooo gorgeous!!! Can you edit my pics please?? They need it on a regular basis lol

  5. Thanks!! It's amazing what a little Photoshop can do. haha

    I can Photoshop your pics for you. It'd be super easy/fast cuz I wouldn't have to do anything!!!