Pt I Videos & Pt II Vaca

Pt I Videos 
This is the never before seen (at least publicly) footage of my bachelorette party dancers, dancing to "Bringin' Sexy Back."  Liz (my awesome SIL) put on an awesome party that night, and even grandma Buhr, my mom and Wendy decided to relocate with the party gang to Nancy's house for games and everything else, after dinner.  If you only knew the hilarious-ness of that night.  Definitely memories made.  Thank you Liz!!  (Warning to those easily offended.)

Thank you James for editing the faces so they wouldn't be embarrassed (should have edited mine), though I do think they really are actually proud.  There are some moments we missed on camera (T ripping his shirt down the middle, C by MY mom).

This video below is complete embarrassment of my sweet hubby while coming out of anesthesia after his first big surgery.  I have seen him come out of anesthesia before, and it was NOTHING like this time.  He was sooo drugged and not himself.  I finally whipped out our video camera and I have about 20 minutes, but shortened/edited it.  Warning because he randomly swears (it was pretty funny).  And 90% of the time he talks about ...needing to urinate.

It's very TMI, but if you know him you must turn up the volume, and listen.

And a tour of the Oasis of the Seas, from our honeymoon footage.  It was the biggest cruise ship in the world, and really quite amazing.  This is pretty much like "around the world in a minute," but around a tenth of the cruiseship, instead.  I jumbled a few quick shots together.  Video editing takes forever, especially when you don't know what you're doing.  :P
Unfortunately blogger has made my videos super blurry.
Pt II Vaca
Vegas, Hoover dam bridge (can't wait to see it finished FINALLY), Phoenix, Safford, Pinetop, Flagstaff (hopefully), and everywhere in we come (leaving Friday).  =)
My boss asked me to work Friday, and put my overtime hours to next week (I work tens).  Since he let me have the week off on short notice, I said sure.  However, I'm planning to work from Arizona, and Ben will be working, too.  BUT it is still a week away from the office, and clearly I'm not too uppity about the office right now so that is WONDERFUL news.

That's all for now.  :)


  1. I love the videos especially of the one with your husband in your hospital, I couldn't stop laughing at that one. He cracked me up with the whole needed to go pee thing. Have fun in Arizona! It looks like its going to be so nice there, I am jealous.

  2. I'm glad you could hear him since he's quiet. He was so funny and confused!!

    And thanks. We will!!