St. Patty Week

There was actually a sofa chair there.  And lampy was moved.


If you recall my 2011 resolution post, this has to do with item #4.  I'm pretty excited to finally have this all set up in our place!!  I will have some new music written soon.  Happy day.  I am so thrilled!!

St. Patty's week...
Judging by my last posts, it's become a growing tradition to post a pic of my hand (don't worry, I'm sure it won't last). Since I've had my wedding-ness acrylic nails removed in December (you cannot play the piano with those things), I've become obsessed with nail stuff.  This time around was for St. Patty's Day (kind of) because I bought green!  I was pretty excited about it.  Kind of silly the things I get excited about (like four giant bags of Oberto beef jerky from my first trip to Costco last week).  It must mean I'm getting old.  I do turn 27 this summer.  Yikes.
I pinched Ben a few times during St. Patty's day because he wasn't wearing green (playing racquetball and then in his slacks), and I'm immature like that.  I came home and he had changed into green.  And he cooked green mashed potato casserole with neon food coloring.  Yum.

 My green!  (And the garbage...)
I told Ben not to put too much green in the casserole since we invited my dad and bro to eat, and I was worried about my dad's mouth turning green right before his Thursday night choir practice.  However, they turned out not way green.  My bad.  And my brother doesn't like potatoes.  Uhh...

But it was delicious.  Thank you Ben!
 I made the green lime/peach jello.  But nobody had any but me.  lol
We made it to PF Changs (Mongolian beef!!) and also an old friend's gallery art show, and ran into Lindsy.  She hangs out with Tony (his show) and Bry Cox whom I used to mingle with up at my student/single ward back in the day.  We have flipped rolls.
She looked cute with her darker hair and purple highlights (I took my purple out).  And we totally matched!?  Also, Tony's paintings were good.  We wanted to purchase a large one for our loft (that we don't own yet).  It was fun to mingle around for a short time.
A shot from the family traditional lunch...  I seriously just got my booter out of bed.  I don't know why I've been so exhausted lately.  It's seriously so annoying.

Also remember Yogurtland?
Presenting Yogotogo, the best soft serve around here.

Some more C&H...

G.  That's all.  Hopefully next week we're in sunny AZ.  That is only if I can talk my boss into letting me miss a week of work, a week in advance (they will not survive).  Worth a shot to ask, though.  How I could use an entire week away from here!!  Sounds heavenly.

Maybe we won't come back.


  1. loving the crackle polish too!! and just FYI there is a yogurtland in orem now and you must go, it is THE BEST!!

  2. That's so funny you and Lindsy matched. :) I hope you are able to get a week off to go to AZ. That's funny about girls love that place. You will find us there every Wednesday after gymnastics.

  3. if you come to AZ we totally should meet for lunch or something... plus, we basically have the same last name minus an s, and we both love shoes... so we probably we be awesome friends... :-) Let me know if you guys come down here!!!

  4. You can stop at our place for a potty break if you need to. We're in Flagstaff and would love to see you both! But if not, hey, I TOTALLY get how those long road trips go. Have a good time! Oh and not all AZ is sunny. We just got a foot of snow today after being on Spring Break all last week. But that's Flagstaff for you. Snarky.

  5. We are officially going now! I don't know my way around AZ (only been there one day in my life), but I hear we'll be far out in SAFFORD. But we may swing by Phoenix on the way home or on the way there if we have some time!! I don't know where Flagstaff is, but I know Ben's best friend lives there. Keep you all posted!!

  6. I'm ready to buy some of that crackle polish to do my little Savanna's nails. She'd be the coolest lil gal in school for sure! ;)

    I take my kids to Yogo Togo every Friday for "fun fun Friday!" They lovvve that place, and so do I. :)

    Have a blast in Arizona!!!