Official Haircut

Ever cut your hair like you've been planning to forever, and like it, but then the next morning can't do it at all and end up in a panic??

I have been slowly going shorter and shorter to this cut I've wanted.  I guess I wasn't daring enough last December when I chopped the long locks (which I don't really miss).  But I'll admit that I am a little concerned right now.  I have never had hair so short, and thus I have no skill in doing short hair.

     Below is the picture I brought in.

    Below is the haircut I got!  I'd say it's right on the money.  We like it!!  My front pieces are still growing longer from my last haircut which will make it an even more dramatic A-line like I've been wanting.  I also added the purple back in, and went blonder (but that was after these pictures).

    Problem.  I struggle to do it.  I wore a hat to work the next day because I was frustrated that the back pieces wouldn't lay flat and go all the right way like they do in the pictures above, and I'm weird about my hair flipping all weird.  It just bugs me.  Thank you fine hair.
    Perhaps these guys will help?  1/3", 1/2", 3/4"
    Or maybe I'll look into a 1/2" flat iron.  But I love this cut so I hope I can figure it out.  :S  Either way, blow drying it doesn't take 25 minutes, so that's nice.

    Rainbow Cake Pt. II

    I know I can be a little redundant, yes.  HOWEVER.
    I love brightness. 
    I love color. 
    I love eating junk food. 
    And I love taking and photoshopping pointless pictures of all of the above.

    So we did round two of the rainbow cake, cupcake style.  We were in charge of salad and a dessert for Easter Sunday dinner down at LC's house.  Woo hoo, I was excited to put the rainbow into action again (even if it was a midnight cooking session).

    We kind of just made up the way to make these, and they turned out pretty well!  We didn't freeze layers, but rather squirted them into the cupcake cups (Once again that was my creative hubby's idea.  I'm like a square when it comes to ideas.). Frosting them was quite enjoyable as you can see.  :)

    I'll admit they don't look very professional here, oh but they were yummy!!

    That's all.  Thanks for reading about our silly slash awesome cupcakes.  =)  Have another happy and rainy, cold, I-can't-believe-this-weather, day.

    It's Easter Time!!

    This was our third Easter together.  I can't believe we're already hitting our thirds together.  Life goes so super fast (except when you're at work!!).  Life's good and so was Easter and the First Presidency's message, which if you haven't had a chance to read, you should take a gander!!  It is important to remember what the true meaning of Easter is, and why we celebrate this holiday amidst all of the eggs, bunny and candy-ness traditions.

    This weekend was also Dallin's second Prom.  Or first?  I can't seem to remember if he went last year.  He looked great!  I can't believe my baby brother is a junior (and I can't believe I've been graduated for eight years).  We all just get old together.  Isn't that the truth.
    We do an annual Easter Egg contest, and this year everybody was talking so much trash about winning.  While I was getting ready for the day, I caught Ben GOOGLING IDEAS for his eggs.  Seriously.  I honestly went into it with none.  And poor Lindsy, this was her first time and she had no idea how unprepared she would be when she walked in the door that day.
    Ben and Dallin barricaded themselves to avoid "cheaters."  My dad kept going to the pantry, behind them, to get Triskets.  ;)  At one point Ben was over there with a knife and hammer item and began chiseling at his egg.  Wtfreak?

    Might I add that the green egg above is my dad's egg.  All night he claimed he had the "first place egg," which essentially was true, but so not true!!  Mine are below and they don't look that cool, but I thought they were.  We each entered five eggs.

    Ah it's hilarious.  We all present our five eggs.  These below are my dad's.  You know the surgery where you get that lap band so you lose weight?  That's the red band on the egg.  I don't recall the official name of the surgery.  He got all technical on us.  Then he cut a sponge in the shape of a churchy/temple thing and glued it on the white egg.  And then his orange temple drawn egg had glitter on it that was the heavenly-ness or something.  Pretty impressive.  He so tried to make us feel guilty and said if we were spiritual we would vote for the temple egg.
    And below are Ben's eggs.  I think you can tell which one I voted for.  =)

    Below are my absolute masterpieces.  The far right egg is Ben with a boulder on him.  Kind of horrible but we joke about it now.  While we waited for Search and Rescue, and he was just lying there thinking it would never end, he spit out a chunk of tooth and was ridiculously concerned about it.  Colter and I just looked at each other like...seriously? 
    I quote James on the below egg, "This little dot is the earth, and over here, some 13.2 light years away is the Abell 1835 IR 1916 Galaxy, and above is Christy whose fat spans the length."  Fat jokes rule my loving family.  These eggs usually win, too.

    Here are the top 15 which we then narrowed down to the top nine, top four, and then which place they got.  My pretty glitter egg got first place and I was happy since I never win.  Yay.

    And I ran out energy to caption all the pictures (especially the hilarious one above of Ben), or even take any pictures on Easter day, down at Liz/Colter's.  We hid eggs for our two year old niece, and she was pretty cute while finding them and got so, so excited.  Kids are certainly a different chapter in life, but seemingly quite enjoyable!  But life is too good to us all.  We're blessed.  Hope everyone had a safe and awesome Easter!!

    And pray this week is finally the big one for us.  =)

    A little DIO - Do it OURSELVES

    My bathroom has a case of the millions of headbands with nowhere to go but all over the place.  My first instinct was to google a solution (my creativity at work)!  My first instinct should have been just to ask my hubby.  He's waaay more creative than I'll ever be.  Like the shoe rack he surprised me with.  Love.

    So before...(some of them at least)

     After! (not organized yet)

    Headband stands made of paper towels!  Leave them in their individual plastic wrappings, and then wrap with fabric and walah!

    My headbands have been neglected since I haven't been able to see so many of the buried ones.  This was like shopping in my own cabinet.  Today I am wearing a new one.  Well, new to me...again.

    That's all.
    TGIT!  Have a Happy Easter!

    6 Awesome Accounts of April

    I'm obsessed with my Mini Italian Greyhound, Rykar.  Just perhaps.  He is always right with my hubby when I return home, so anxious to see me.  Since I always talk about him, I thought I'd post a little about him.

    I recall the first time I saw a Mini Greyhound, Kya (sp?), Rykar's mom.  "What is that...?"  Oh only one of the smartest pups alive.  Too smart for his own good.  If he does something wrong, he puts himself in the kennel.  That's how I find out he's done something wrong.  Half the time I'd never know for a day or two, or ever.

    Kya had three pups in I think it was 2003, and I purchased the gray and white Rykar.  His brown and white brother, Jake, was purchased by the next door neighbors.  We have grown to love-love mister Rykar, thus my sister in California made a purchase of two of her own.  She has Savvy Max Doggy Dog (his full name) and Comet.  You have probably seen them in our Christmas pictures.

    This is a little blurry of him eating the air my dad's blowing at him.  (And we do feed him.  He's supposed to be super ridiculously skinny.)

    He was born with a floppy ear and great set of lungs. If you haven't heard him sing in the many posts I have posted him singing, click here.  =)

    Sometimes he'll acknowledge me when I leave for work in the morning.  If so, it just means poking his head out.  He likes to sleep in pretty late and I adore how much he loves his [heated] bed.  He is definitely a Hales.
    That is my puppy!

    I'm a boob when it comes to sweet Ben.  I adore the notes that he leaves around for me.  This one was under the covers in our bed, and I found it the first lonely night that he was out of town.  It made my night so much better that I took a picture of it before I went to bed, all giddy like the day we met.  He is so wonderful to me.  The end.

    I joined my mom for an afternoon at a retirement home.  We played piano duets (see video below)!  They were so excited to hear us, and they are really some of the cutest and sweetest people, and sometimes they sang along.  =)

    I don't think I could ever work at a retirement home.  It'd be so sad to watch them pass away after getting to know their personalities, and how sweet so many of them are.  It'd make for such a bittersweet job. 

    We made a trip to Arella Pizzeria, and it really was some of the best pizza I've ever had.  (Thanks for the recommendation Brooke!)  We ate all but THREE of those pieces, so sadly there was no room for their dessert.  Hopefully next time.

    During the past week our wedding blogbook arrived.  I think I will always be so excited to receive one of these books in the mail.  They are like journals that I look through all. the. time.  I kid you not.  And family and friends seem to think they are pretty neat (or at least pretend to think so).

    Anyways, wedding planning was a long process, so I made a private wedding blog where we posted pictures of ideas and our progress.  It turned out to be a wonderful idea.  We'd pull the wedding blog up on my phone and show our vendors what we wanted instead of trying to describe it to them.

    The blogbook ended up being over 200 pages.  We've already forgotten how much work it was to plan.  Yikes.  But fun times.

    Liz and I spent Saturday all day shopping, and it was quite the successful trip (regardless of how horrible the styles are right now).  Yes ma'am.  I have been wanting to try hot pink lips, but just hadn't made the purchase yet, so I did this time.  Tarte in "Lively," otherwise known as hot pink.  The picture below is a couple of hours after it was applied, so it faded a little, but I do think I like it.  After all it is pink.

    That's all for another Buhr week.  I can't believe it's April 18th already.  Time goes ridiculously fast.  And we just barely learned that Easter is this Sunday.  It's almost time for the annual Easter Egg Contest.  The one that I always lose in.  But times may change.  :)

    Have a happy (and seemingly rainy) week!  It may be a big one for us!

    Here is the very condensed eight minute version of some of our duets.  I must warn that the piano isn't so in tune.