6 Awesome Accounts of April

I'm obsessed with my Mini Italian Greyhound, Rykar.  Just perhaps.  He is always right with my hubby when I return home, so anxious to see me.  Since I always talk about him, I thought I'd post a little about him.

I recall the first time I saw a Mini Greyhound, Kya (sp?), Rykar's mom.  "What is that...?"  Oh only one of the smartest pups alive.  Too smart for his own good.  If he does something wrong, he puts himself in the kennel.  That's how I find out he's done something wrong.  Half the time I'd never know for a day or two, or ever.

Kya had three pups in I think it was 2003, and I purchased the gray and white Rykar.  His brown and white brother, Jake, was purchased by the next door neighbors.  We have grown to love-love mister Rykar, thus my sister in California made a purchase of two of her own.  She has Savvy Max Doggy Dog (his full name) and Comet.  You have probably seen them in our Christmas pictures.

This is a little blurry of him eating the air my dad's blowing at him.  (And we do feed him.  He's supposed to be super ridiculously skinny.)

He was born with a floppy ear and great set of lungs. If you haven't heard him sing in the many posts I have posted him singing, click here.  =)

Sometimes he'll acknowledge me when I leave for work in the morning.  If so, it just means poking his head out.  He likes to sleep in pretty late and I adore how much he loves his [heated] bed.  He is definitely a Hales.
That is my puppy!

I'm a boob when it comes to sweet Ben.  I adore the notes that he leaves around for me.  This one was under the covers in our bed, and I found it the first lonely night that he was out of town.  It made my night so much better that I took a picture of it before I went to bed, all giddy like the day we met.  He is so wonderful to me.  The end.

I joined my mom for an afternoon at a retirement home.  We played piano duets (see video below)!  They were so excited to hear us, and they are really some of the cutest and sweetest people, and sometimes they sang along.  =)

I don't think I could ever work at a retirement home.  It'd be so sad to watch them pass away after getting to know their personalities, and how sweet so many of them are.  It'd make for such a bittersweet job. 

We made a trip to Arella Pizzeria, and it really was some of the best pizza I've ever had.  (Thanks for the recommendation Brooke!)  We ate all but THREE of those pieces, so sadly there was no room for their dessert.  Hopefully next time.

During the past week our wedding blogbook arrived.  I think I will always be so excited to receive one of these books in the mail.  They are like journals that I look through all. the. time.  I kid you not.  And family and friends seem to think they are pretty neat (or at least pretend to think so).

Anyways, wedding planning was a long process, so I made a private wedding blog where we posted pictures of ideas and our progress.  It turned out to be a wonderful idea.  We'd pull the wedding blog up on my phone and show our vendors what we wanted instead of trying to describe it to them.

The blogbook ended up being over 200 pages.  We've already forgotten how much work it was to plan.  Yikes.  But fun times.

Liz and I spent Saturday all day shopping, and it was quite the successful trip (regardless of how horrible the styles are right now).  Yes ma'am.  I have been wanting to try hot pink lips, but just hadn't made the purchase yet, so I did this time.  Tarte in "Lively," otherwise known as hot pink.  The picture below is a couple of hours after it was applied, so it faded a little, but I do think I like it.  After all it is pink.

That's all for another Buhr week.  I can't believe it's April 18th already.  Time goes ridiculously fast.  And we just barely learned that Easter is this Sunday.  It's almost time for the annual Easter Egg Contest.  The one that I always lose in.  But times may change.  :)

Have a happy (and seemingly rainy) week!  It may be a big one for us!

Here is the very condensed eight minute version of some of our duets.  I must warn that the piano isn't so in tune.


  1. I will have to watch the video later as my sound is not working! I need to beef up my music library.

  2. Oh, Christy. How I love this blogging business! I get to stay in touch with you with the mere punch of a few buttons.

    I love your puppy! I can tell he is smart and very lovable. You're going to HAVE to stop telling me about him or I'll fall head over heels and end up with another dog. :-}

    LOVE the note from Ben. It's not too hard to melt a woman, is it?!

    I think that is so neat that you and your mom welcome opportunities to play the piano together. You're both amazing and sounded incredible on the video!

    Hooray for Arella! I love that place. Your pizza looked delicious! I have tried the Caprese salad a few times, but also really like the Pear and Candied Pecan salad. ...You'll have to save room for dessert when we go on the 30th! Looking forward to it. :)

    I'd love to get together with you at some point and look at your blog books. They look fantastic. I'm ready to get going on mine!

    You look cute as ever in your pink lipstick! Seriously. You do. ...I, on the other hand, would most definitely look like a clown from the circus.

    Looks like it's going to be another lovely WET week in Utah! :(

  3. You and your mom are so amazing!!!

  4. LOVE your cute hot pink lipstick - so cute!! Em and I just bought some a few weeks ago, getting ready for spring! that pizza place looks delish!

  5. What a cute video of you and your mom playing the piano together :). I LOVE your wedding picture at the top of your blog. SO cute! Looks like you and Ben are so happy together and are loving life. So happy for you :).

  6. Really good piano playing. It seems like you guys have a really talented family.

  7. Your dog is so freaking adorable!!!!

  8. Thanks everyone!!

    And Brooke, I love this blogging idea as well! You should really look into that cute puppy. Yesterday I watched some videos of one of Jolie's dogs when it was a puppy. They are adorable!!

    I'm excited for Arella. We can get together before then, or I can even bring my blogbooks with me so you can see them there. Or if you're in the mood for more Yogotogo...I'm sure we'll be there many times between now and next weekend!!

    Your comment on the lipstick made me LAUGH. Um, not true!! :)