April-January Life

This past weekend was hard because we have been so ready-set to go spend some time outside.  It snowed non-stop for a couple of days (18" in some areas!!), so we just hung out at Barnes and Noble.  It's April so I think we all have earned some whining rights by now.

So I started the The Alphabet Series by Sue Grafton.  1/3 way done, so we'll see...
Anyways, last week I found a rainbow cake on onecharmingparty.com, while googling, and decided I wanted to make it because it looked rad.  There wasn't any special occasion, and we don't really eat much cake, so it was the revised version.

Maybe if there is a birthday or Easter party, we can make the full-blown edition sometime, as seen in their shot below.

We used pie tins so we didn't have to reuse a round pan.  They worked out pretty well.

We chose to only make four layers, and we used neon coloring.

My puppy is very cute.

We saran wrapped the cooked cakes individually, froze them for a couple of hours, cut them down, and then layered/frosted them.

 And tadah!  This is the neon layered cake!!  It tasted delicious, too.  We brought it to Sunday dinner, and I think it was a hit.  =)

Also, last week I won two tickets to see any show at Off Broadway Theater, in SLC, and the dvd "Little Fockers" (sooo dumb ha).  We were excited, and used them up on their improv show.

During the show a huge water cooler prop fell off stage in front of Ben, and so he tossed it back up to the comedian (Eric), and it hit Eric in the face and then fell back off stage.  And Eric's glasses fell off stage, too.  And Eric proceeded to scream at Ben that he was such a jerk for hitting him in the face, and that those were his bifocals.  This all went on for like 3-4 minutes.  Funny.  (After the show, Eric told us he didn't catch it on purpose.)

We had sushi from Happy Sumo.  Love.

That's all.  Good luck to my sweetheart this week.  He's in Arizona until Wednesday.  We haven't been apart in quite a long time, even for a short time, so we'll see how I stay entertained.

Happy Monday.  =)


  1. That cake is sooo cute! I think I may try to whip one of those out for Savanna's birthday this year. I'm not usually very motivated when it comes to that sort of thing, but your step by step pictures made it seem not too bad!

    Your dog is so very cute. I totally agree with you! I have a new love for Italian Greyhounds. I finally convinced Mat, too--so we'll see what happens when we get into our new house. :) :) Our dog is very social and would love a playmate. I hear that Italian Greyhounds are social dogs, too. Dundee might look big in the pictures, but he's actually only 17 pounds...and half of that weight is made up of his thick coat of fur, I swear! How much does Rykar weigh?

    I'll have to get your suggestions on sushi. I tried it for the first time on my birthday this year...and I wasn't over the moon about it or anything. It had seaweed in it that gave it a funky flavor.

    P.S. Your skin is so clear and gorgeous. You're probably one of very few in Utah that have a tan right now!! Boo to the cold weather!

  2. That cake looks yummy! I should try to make it.

  3. The cake turned out great... now I see why it took you SO long! :)

  4. That cake is CUTE! Awesome job. Sounds like a fun date night!

  5. That cake looks like a TON of work!

  6. Brooke-
    Kenzie said you were looking at a Mini Greyhound that had an ear that flopped the wrong way, I think. They are so cute! Rykar always has one floppy ear. He weighs about 12 pounds, but that's above average. I think average is 9-ish pounds, but my sister's both are more than 12 pounds (but kind of fatties, too).

    As for the PS, THANK YOU! However, I can't take much credit because I did spend some time in Arizona so I have a little tan now, but I made the colors richer on Photoshop. It's such a fun and powerful program.