Great Ideas of MINE

Things to do while your husband is out of town:

  • Play the piano.  A lot.  (Did I hear something in the other room...)
  • Don't do the dishes (don't dirty any new ones either).
  • Finally do the dishes. 
  • Chop a new spoon up in the garbage disposal (scream).
  • Don't make the bed (who's going to see it?).
  • Hang out with Liz and Danika.
  • Stay up an hour past bedtime for no reason.
  • Don't eat breakfast. 
  • Eat Cup A Noodles for lunch.
  • Wake up at night thinking there is somebody in the apartment (half asleep brain activity).
  • Work overtime hours.
  • Dye brother's hair.  (I took a picture.)
  • Play more piano, with mom.
  • Talk to Ben.  Have my phone die by noon everyday.
  • Turn up music so you can't hear the wind and hail with that thought that your husband is flying through the sky on a tiny toy plane (Seriously, it was small.)

Those are my ideas.  They worked out well for me. 

He's home so I can broadcast my lonesomeness to the world now.  He was really only gone for 2-1/2 days.  How the times have changed since we did that horrible long distance.

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  1. I loved your comment about talking to Ben and having your phone die by noon every day, because Kenzie told me just today how she was so caught off guard at how easy he was to talk to!! I've obviously never met him (I'm SO sad I couldn't make it to your wedding), but Kenz told me that when she saw you guys at the grocery store, he was the kind of guy that was very un-assuming and acted like he'd known you all his life. What a gift, Christy! I have no doubts that you are very, very happy. You are so lucky to have found each other and have such a beautiful relationship!

    I'm glad he's home safe! :)