A little DIO - Do it OURSELVES

My bathroom has a case of the millions of headbands with nowhere to go but all over the place.  My first instinct was to google a solution (my creativity at work)!  My first instinct should have been just to ask my hubby.  He's waaay more creative than I'll ever be.  Like the shoe rack he surprised me with.  Love.

So before...(some of them at least)

 After! (not organized yet)

Headband stands made of paper towels!  Leave them in their individual plastic wrappings, and then wrap with fabric and walah!

My headbands have been neglected since I haven't been able to see so many of the buried ones.  This was like shopping in my own cabinet.  Today I am wearing a new one.  Well, new to me...again.

That's all.
TGIT!  Have a Happy Easter!


  1. Well done! I never would have thought of that! They all look so pretty now!

  2. Don't you love when you forget you had something and then it feels new again?? hahaha!! I do that alllll the time. Pretty sad according to zach :)

  3. Christy..you are so funny and cute and LUCKY to have so many adorable headbands. I'm glad you can finally see them all again. :) great idea!

  4. ok... i want that shoe rack and now i want the headband stand. I have a creative bf, so... i am going to show him both of these and have him make them for me!!! :-)

  5. I appreciate that headband holder idea more than you realize! Awesome!