Our Road Trip

We went on a road trip to Vegas, Phoenix, Mesa, Thatcher, Safford, Pinetop, Show Low, Flagstaff for a minute, and everywhere in between.  All in all we spent about 30ish hours on the road, but only the last couple of hours driving back even seemed to be long.
We got to Vegas on Friday night and had our so very missed Cane's Chicken for dinner (and lunch the next day).  I was so very ridiculously tired, and at my Monster's peak for my gallbladderless body, so we just wandered the beloved strip for a few hours, checking out the newest Cosmopolitan, also built by Perini.
Crystal's Mall - City Center

Ben took pictures of me while he was on the phone with Mister Stone.
I was so happy to see my favorite shoe store on the planet has opened in Crystals!!  If the security weren't so uptight in the store, I'd have snuck a picture of the purple/lavender pumps I really, really, really, really, really want.

We never did make it to Yogurtland or get our banana split at Encore.  I could have fallen asleep on Ben's shoulder in Cosmo, I was so tired.  That was the longest day I've had in awhile (including my boss being quite unhappy that morning slamming his laptop, throwing the mouse, slamming his door, etc.  I wasn't the reason, but he still wasn't too pleasant.).

We stayed with Julio, Ben's buddy, and his family in their nice house and neighborhood.  They were very kind to let us bombard their territory for a day or so, and Julio and Dorthy have very cute little girls.

Some of the houses in the neighborhood were upwards 10-20 million, one even with a 20 car garage.  The pools were awesome, they had a view of the strip, the weather was 75-80 degrees, the security was superb, and so forth.  Not to mention to be a member of the country club costs 100k each year.
The view.

Look at this mother of a house.

Another with a sweet pool.

This house is like an entire block.  An older lady lives here with her staff.  She drives around the house in a golf cart.

You can see some of the garages in there.

More of it.

Even more of it.

And I threw this in the mix.  Ben, Joe and Julio built this in Julio's yard in '09.

The next afternoon we took off and headed towards Hoover Dam to see the finished highway and bridge (finally!).  Well the bridge is super cool, I know this, but driving on it was the most anticlimactic thing I've ever done.  You couldn't stop before or after the bridge to walk it, and you couldn't even see off of it when you drove over it.  Wow.  So incredibly lame.  And to think how excited I've been to drive over it when it was finished.

So we took the old Hoover Dam route to see the dam and bridge.  You can park below and walk up to the bridge and walk it that way (holy crowded), but the Hoover Dam route no longer continues through, but rather just dead ends.  So it's a complete tourist area now, and there is no through traffic.  Cool, but not if you want to drive by on your way to Arizona.  Now it's just a half hour detour.  But still so very worth it.  So worth it, in fact, that I dug up my bridge progress pictures.
March 2009

May 2009

Another May 2009

July 2009

March 2010

March 2011 - Done!
The next stop was Mesa to stay with Kevin and Tabitha in their new sweet house (everyone has a sweet house, I swear).  It was nice of them to change their plans and let us come stay.  Baby Keegan I think is six months now, and so cute.  During dinner Tabitha put a movie on her phone, and Keegan was glued to it.  It was so awesome.  I hope our kids are like that.  =)

Dinner at BJs (I think)
Next stop was our destination, Thatcher and Safford!  Aside from the reservation, the drive was lovely and pretty at times.  I even liked driving through that old town GLOBE.

We stayed at Nate and Becky's sweet house.  We were there for five days while Ben worked, and I pretty much lived the life doing nothing except playing school and cheerleader with my cute nieces, catching up on sleeping, running in 80-90 degree weather, reading, eating lots of ice cream, and trying to get motivation to do some work away from the office (that was hard).
E-L-L-Y spells Elly! (I do have video too.)
Water Depot (and my collection of Silly Bandz I inherited from Elly & Ragan)

Courthouse (right next to DQ conveniently)

View from NB's driveway.
Race to the church.

My hubby relaxin' after working.  He's so super cute.

This is sweet Mallory who always is smiling.  (Ragan was being camera shy so I don't have one of her smiling yet.)
Everyone had kind of talked the area down to me so I really thought it would have population of like 500.  But it was a lot bigger than that, and even had a McDonalds and Wal-Mart so it was totally legit.  Not to mention the brand new Gila Valley temple right down the street.  So it was actually a lot bigger than I expected.  And it has good ice cream and shaved ice places so it's very livable.

My sweet hubby also had millions of flash backs to the years he spent here while he went to Eastern Arizona.  He gave me the grand tour of some of the places he lived.
This one has been re-finished.

This one looks quite vacant...and pink.

This one has also been refinished.

This spot has to do with an awesome post mission bomb.  :]

Our next stop was to Show Low and Pinetop to stay with Minda, my MIL, and Trinket, Pepe, Mara and Daisy the cute pups (I hope I got the names right).  She lives in a wooded area and it was kind of a feeling of a cozy cabin with the wood burning stove.  It is cooler there than Thatcher, but still warmer than our home in Utah.  It was a really nice visit.
Morning before we took off.

"Little Mormon Lake" in Show Low.  Funny.

Our next visit was to Flagstaff to see Ryan, Ben's buddy and a groomsman.  However, we geeked out and took a dirt road detour out to the middle of nowhere-er to see tons of these sweet wind turbines in Holbrooke, up close and personal.

The "Dry Lake Wind Project":
-Each blade is 412 feet.
-So far there are 30 turbines, but more to come.
-It's a 100 million dollar project.
-15,000 homes can be powered by them running at maximum.
-7mph get them spinning, 26mph maxes them out, and they have brakes for when winds push upwards 55mph
-They are very rad.

The weather in Flagstaff was low 70s, and Ryan was saying how the weather there doesn't get in the 90s that often, but sometimes gets to negatives in the winter.  I guess it's true not all Arizona is hot.  I think I like the hotter areas better.

Our trip took us past part of the Grand Canyon (it was windy and thus not very clear).

And also Lake Powell, and the dam bridge that you can actually see off of when you drive over it.

Glen Canyon Dam - Lake Powell

That's all!
It was a great time full of family, many ice creams, slushies, sunshine, and driving through lots of Indian reservation.  We had no car trouble, accidents, and are blessed to have made it safely.

Perhaps we will move to Thatcher if all the stars align.

Happy week after conference!


  1. Road trips are so fun! I can't believe how many places you guys hit up, it looks like you enjoyed yourselves! Those huge houses are amazing!

  2. Looks like it was a great time!!! I bet it was fun to take a road trip down memory lane with Ben. We live too close to Jared's "memory lane" and I swear after 6 years he still thinks he has to remind me of everything that took place and where, so funny. I would be sad to see you move, but it's kind of like you got to do what you got to do. I hope your day back to "reality" wasn't too bad. :)

  3. Awesome! I miss road trips with just my hubby. Things were so quiet then... Glad you had fun!

  4. Christy... that picture of you in the blue and white striped shirt, you look completely stunning!!!! I even told my husband that's what I wanna look like when all this extra weight is gone!

  5. I agree with the "Shaw Family!" Although I highly doubt it's just a "Shaw" thing... :) You're so gorgeous! I love it that you wear high heels no matter where you are! Not just anybody could pull that off, you know. :)

    P.S. Did your dad take care of Rykar while you guys were gone? I have some questions to ask about that Miniature Italian Greyhound of yours...

  6. All of that sunshine looks so lovely right about now.