Rainbow Cake Pt. II

I know I can be a little redundant, yes.  HOWEVER.
I love brightness. 
I love color. 
I love eating junk food. 
And I love taking and photoshopping pointless pictures of all of the above.

So we did round two of the rainbow cake, cupcake style.  We were in charge of salad and a dessert for Easter Sunday dinner down at LC's house.  Woo hoo, I was excited to put the rainbow into action again (even if it was a midnight cooking session).

We kind of just made up the way to make these, and they turned out pretty well!  We didn't freeze layers, but rather squirted them into the cupcake cups (Once again that was my creative hubby's idea.  I'm like a square when it comes to ideas.). Frosting them was quite enjoyable as you can see.  :)

I'll admit they don't look very professional here, oh but they were yummy!!

That's all.  Thanks for reading about our silly slash awesome cupcakes.  =)  Have another happy and rainy, cold, I-can't-believe-this-weather, day.


  1. i have been wanting to try these layered cakes forever, i love the cupcake idea!!
    ps. loved your easter post your fam is too cute!

  2. They look yummy!! And I love your apron by the way.

  3. You and Ben are SO CUTE!! I love it that you have fun doing the simplest of things together.

    1) The cupcakes look deliciously adorable.
    2) Ben is a total trooper of a man to not only be excited about making them with you, but for letting you take so many pictures of him!
    3) Yes, I'd have to agree with your apron. :)

  4. Yummy!

    Monique xx