So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

The past week was pretty freakin' hectic.  We fit a lot into our last days in Layton, Utah. 

One last hurrah to my lil brother, James, and one last hurrah to Happy Sumo.  James and I have a very cyber relationship now with him being down at BYU, so hopefully it won't feel too much differently for now.  (At least that's what I'm telling myself.)
Here are a couple of people I worked with.  Unfortunately everyone else was long gone by the time I thought of getting a picture on my last day.  My boss, Shawn, is on the far left.  Then it goes Joan the secretary, Rick an estimator, and yours truly.
Ben and Shawn had their final racquetball tournament since they've kept up their Thursday morning games.  I've lost track of all the wins and losses up to this point, but for this day it was Ben 2, Shawn 1.  I think that's a good way to end the "season."
I got a new phone (our new town doesn't have Sprint, so ya).  I have two phones and numbers at the moment as I switch (my number won't change), but I can now play Words With Friends and WordFeud.   Find bisto84 if you play.  I'm currently obsessed.
I also finally have the Fatbooth application.  Ha.  Here is some of my sexy rexy fam.




It didn't work out too well on Rykar because he wouldn't hold still (and probably cuz he's a dog).  I'm going to miss this little guy.  I look at him now and miss him already, even though he's right there in front of me.  I also have this giant fear of scorpions hurting my lil pup out there, or maybe I'm just trying to find extra justification to my letting the family keep him, but they are quite happy I'm not whisking him away just because technically he's "mine."  Isn't he soooo cute!!  What a lil stud.

Memorial Day was our big packing day (holy cow).  I haven't moved to another state in nearly twenty years so I now realize what a hoarder I have become!!  :/  I really don't need cheer shoes from 8th grade that are still too big...I DI'd so much stuff just so we wouldn't have to bring it.  It's crazy how much stuff you realize you have when you have to pack it all up to go with you.  How do people move all the time??
We had a final dinner with some of the ladies (and guys).  Thanks Sher for getting everyone together.  Maybe next time we'll have the waitress take pictures before we eat.  =)

We hope the rest of the family had a good holiday weekend at the ranch.

See you all in Arizona.  =)

Goodbye Mister Work. Hello Mister Home.

Today is my last day of work after almost five years here.  I'm actually more excited than I am sad.  There are things I'll miss about Client's Design Inc., but the future holds so much excitement right now, and it just pretty much consumes me.

I'll miss the:
  • Constant joking around in the office by everyone.
  • The flexibility of working my own schedule/hours.
  • The designing/CAD drafting part.
  • Feeling important, needed and appreciated.
  • The option of working from home.
  • My cute pink hardhat (but it's coming with me).

I'm ready to say goodbye to the:
      • Things I won't go into detail about so I don't have blogger's remorse.  I think I'd say I am ready for something with more of a challenge mentally.  It was a great learning experience!

        Here's to new beginnings and new jobs!  I also think I may take the summer off to recuperate and write music before I get back into the swing of it.  But we will see.

        A tribute to my last five years...
        One more door closed to living life in L town.  But we finally found another place to live!  I'm still a little bothered that that one house was sold because I really could imagine us living there, and I loved the idea of three bedrooms, but Ben spent a lot of time finding us a replacement.  It's three years old, thus clean, and even has cute tennis courts and such.  I think we will be happy there.  It's "seven minutes" from family, and probably about ten from work.  It's 2 bedroom, 1 bath, and our first time ever having to share a bathroom.  Poor Ben!!  =)

        Here are some pictures of the cute lil place:
        Have a fun Memorial Day weekend.  According to now, it's supposed to rain.  Imagine that.  We will be packing the truck Tuesday and are out of here Wednesday.  Life is good.

        Last night Ben and I drove up to the castle to take some images for HDRS.  Here is one that I did that we named "Island Journey."  And a door that isn't that cool, but it has rained a lot and I've been limited because it's been so drab looking outside.  James has me addicted.
          Have a happy Thursday!!

          HDR Slash More May

          I have been learning how to do cool things in Photoshop.  Thanks to my smart brother, James, and Mister Scott Kelby, I am learning how to do HDR.  I'm pretty excited.

          We took a trip out to Daybreak so I could take some shots of the awesome houses, but the clouds were moving ridiculously quick and I still am learning how to take bracketed pictures with different exposures in a row, so you can see some of the cloud movement.  Other than that it was awesome and I'm still proud of my first one.  :)

          That lime green house is so awesomely bright.  You can see it clear out on the street on the way to the Kennecott Copper Mine, if you ever go out there (take the 114th exit- $5 per car).

          These are four different HDR edits.  The rest of the pictures I just took singles and edited and they turned out pretty cool and almost just as surreal with all of the colors in them.  I couldn't decide which HDR I like the most, so for now I do multiples.
          As for the week/weekend, we started packing and it took a full day to do my shoes.  I DI'd like 15 pair, which is rare to let go.  I hold on to even the crappy ones because "I'll probably wear those to a jobsite, or hiking, or at Lake Powell."  Nope.  I need to let go.  Poor Ben!
          The pink duct tape marks the shelf I'm SAVING out to wear for the next nine days of Utahness.
          We went out with Sheridan, Jared, Tammy, Taylor, and Taylor's friend.  We hope to get together one last time before we head out, and maybe with Tiff, but I'll definitely miss them all.  And congrats to Jared on his new job with the church.  Exciting times for everybody.
          Saturday we spent up at the Park City Tanger Outlets to get some clothes shopping done for the boys.  James doesn't go shopping on his own ever, and Dil is still growing, so I ran around each store grabbing clothes to try on, shirts, etc.  It was hard work but FUN!!  They both even ended up with a pair of True Religions, so I was a proud sis.  Ben and I even made out with some new stuff as well, so that was a fun bonus.  Gee I love to shop.
          This is why you go to the outlets.  This awesome David Beckham jersey was on sale from $90 to $89.99!!  Actually the deals are are usually great, but apparently not always at Adidas.
          Saturday night was my little brother's MORP dance, and he went with my friends' cute little sister (whom looks so much like her sisters).  I'm usually the in-charge picture taker, but I was away for this one so my dad jumped in.  From the sounds of it, I think they had a good time. :)
          Ben and I have talked about going out to the Kennecott Copper Mine for the past 2+ years, but we never have or the weather sucks when we think about it.  I figured since Ben will be working in the finance department of another mine, it would be a perfect trip to do before we left.
          One of those huge trucks, driving up the path, costs 3.2 million dollars!  They have 80 of them working at one time.  The mine is 3/4 of a mile deep, and I can't remember the rest of the awesome facts.  But yeah, it's ginormous and you can see it from space.
          Here are some regular edits of some of the Daybreak area.  I LOVE the blue of the blue house, and if time allows I'd love to go back out and try an HDR of it, but I need a new tripod first.  The houses below it are so cool, too.
          My super cute mom had us over for dinner twice this week, and yesterday was our last Sunday dinner, sadly.  There are some things we will just really miss about being so close to family.  We definitely made some fun memories and hopefully we'll be back at Christmas time to stick to our traditions.  Here's my mom and her cute new maxi dress.  I love maxi dresses.
          We also had dinner with Liz, Colter, Nancy and Ian this weekend, which was fun.  We saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean (I know, I saw a movie), and it was the only Pirates I've seen.  I like Johnny Depp a lot, but the killer vampire mermaids were a little too weird.  And now that I have a bad neck, I can't sleep during movies.  It was a battle.  haha

          That's all!  Life is treating us all too well.  I only have four days of work left!  I have so much to do to try to not leave them in a tough spot, include training, and my boss just up and left for vacation (again) until Wednesday and left me a TO DO list.  The nerve.  At one point this place was wonderful, and everyone pulled their own weight and it functioned.  I guess life isn't always fair and I shouldn't let it bother me since I'll be leaving quite shortly.  Today is still going to be a lovely day!

          Hope you have a wonderful last full week of May. =)