Goodbye Mister Work. Hello Mister Home.

Today is my last day of work after almost five years here.  I'm actually more excited than I am sad.  There are things I'll miss about Client's Design Inc., but the future holds so much excitement right now, and it just pretty much consumes me.

I'll miss the:
  • Constant joking around in the office by everyone.
  • The flexibility of working my own schedule/hours.
  • The designing/CAD drafting part.
  • Feeling important, needed and appreciated.
  • The option of working from home.
  • My cute pink hardhat (but it's coming with me).

I'm ready to say goodbye to the:
      • Things I won't go into detail about so I don't have blogger's remorse.  I think I'd say I am ready for something with more of a challenge mentally.  It was a great learning experience!

        Here's to new beginnings and new jobs!  I also think I may take the summer off to recuperate and write music before I get back into the swing of it.  But we will see.

        A tribute to my last five years...
        One more door closed to living life in L town.  But we finally found another place to live!  I'm still a little bothered that that one house was sold because I really could imagine us living there, and I loved the idea of three bedrooms, but Ben spent a lot of time finding us a replacement.  It's three years old, thus clean, and even has cute tennis courts and such.  I think we will be happy there.  It's "seven minutes" from family, and probably about ten from work.  It's 2 bedroom, 1 bath, and our first time ever having to share a bathroom.  Poor Ben!!  =)

        Here are some pictures of the cute lil place:
        Have a fun Memorial Day weekend.  According to now, it's supposed to rain.  Imagine that.  We will be packing the truck Tuesday and are out of here Wednesday.  Life is good.

        Last night Ben and I drove up to the castle to take some images for HDRS.  Here is one that I did that we named "Island Journey."  And a door that isn't that cool, but it has rained a lot and I've been limited because it's been so drab looking outside.  James has me addicted.
          Have a happy Thursday!!


          1. It looks like a nice house. I am so excited for you guys! CONGRATS! I wish you guys all the good luck in the world.

          2. I commented on the pic at deviantart. The front door is sweet. Crazy you're moving, I'm excited for you! Does Sushi on Saturday work?

          3. Thanks Jackie!!! Good to luck with your guys. I think I recall you looking for a new place.

            James- Yes! Saturday does.

          4. Christy, I can't imagine feeling like I needed more of a challenge mentally than what you were accomplishing at work! Holy smokes. My brain started to hurt just looking at the things you were busy doing day in and day out. You are so brilliant!!! I feel sad for Client's Design Inc. because they're losing someone amazing!

            Your new place in Arizona looks SO very cute and cozy. What fun for you guys to embark on this new adventure together! Congratulations on the purchase of your new home!

            Your comment about you and Ben having to share the same bathroom for the first time made me laugh...Mat and I have had double sinks in the master bathroom in the past two homes we've lived in, and still seem to gravitate towards the same sink!!!

            Love you guys. We'll miss you. :( But we're SO happy for you!! :)