It's a Mayday!

Oh.  Hey there.

Just thought some hot pictures would be a wonderful intro to my long post.  Ben won't stop trying to peek as I type.  "You better not be hosing me."  Whatever that means.  But I'm so not.  :)

Well the past week was absolutely lovely (well, aside from my job).  No big news yet, just some small good news updates all week and hopefully more to come.  Gawsh, the government is slow.

We went on the annual family bike ride out to Antelope Island, for a picnic, and back.  My grandpa follows behind in the motor-home, and when the kids (or adults) get tired they can put their bikes on the trailer and hop in for a ride (or if they get a flat tire like mister Ben).  I think it's a fabulous idea.  Thank you grandma and grandpa for giving us these traditions.

Mother Nature eventually gave us some incredibly much needed sunny weather, and we had lots of fun.  I haven't been on my bike in yeaaaars and I'd be lying if I said I didn't wake up a little sore the next day... and bruised.  Definitely didn't feel like I was sitting on a pillow.

We spent awhile out on the island eating lunch and watching the kids play with our state bird, the seagull, that seriously are pooping machines (like on Courtney's head).  Maybe I'll be a mean mommy, but please, don't feed the birds, or at least feed them somewhere else.  But we adore the outdoors even amidst multi bird droppings, when it's only 50 degrees when it should be 75, and it snowed the day before.  Oh Utah.  All in all, it sure is pretty out on the island. 

So we do love jumping pictures, clearly.  I haven't tried any of these with my Nikon yet, so they're harder to get the timing just right.  I typically just carry my little Canon around in my purse.  And oh my goodness skinny jeans are a bit restrictive when it comes to jumping.

Later we were able to get together with Brooke, Mat, Kenzie and Shane.  Brooke and I go far back to elementary school, and we have always gotten along so well.  We have shared a lot of fun memories and even spent some years cheering together, so it was such a good time to all get together and have all our (hilarious) husbands join.  I'm very thrilled we finally are stepping out of this cyberworld where we mostly do communicate amongst our busy lives.   That and Yogotogo or the grocery store.  Thanks Brooke and Kenzie.  :)
That is all for now.  Happy Monday!!  It is finally warming up and it's officially May.


  1. I love your shirt by the way! I love how it says I met my man on facebook.

  2. You look hot in skinny jeans!!! Who cares if you can't move in them...right?! That bike ride looks like it was a total blast.

    Love ya, Christy! We had so much fun with you on Saturday night! Let's get together again soon and do Sushi. :)

    And hopefully Vegas in the not too distant future!

  3. Oh...and where can I find a shirt that says, "I met my man when I was in 5th grade with a bull cut and buck teeth..." ???

  4. I am jealous.. I have been saving my coins trying to buy a bike...because lets be honest after reading the post I went uhmm cool ranch dorito's sound good.. the power of suggestion right?!

  5. Oh my gosh Brooke you are so freakin' funny!! And so not true!! Plus, I was always secretly jealous of your perfect hair.

  6. Hahah! That's so funny! What your man said...Sounds exactly like something my husbie would say! Great pics!

  7. Your bike ride looks amazing! What a workout!
    We had so much fun with you guys at Arella...lets get together again soon!