Springy Time

Last week we saw HU in concert.  We were super excited about it and bought our tickets for $9 the first day they went on sale, before they went up to $38!!  We even met up with L at Saltaire.  Ben saw them once before we met, and we also saw them together in Vegas, House of Blues, back in fall 2009.

This was our first concert at Saltaire, and it was an outdoor stage so thank goodness for finally seeing some spring weather.  After the second song I was even regretting my choice of wearing a coat, and I had already lost my voice.  Yikes.

We really, really love the nice weather we...had!!  It was perfect.  So nice.  It made us happy and in super good spirits.  We went to a Paleo BBQ for Crossfit (I tried an avacado fruit salad...strange), and we spent more than three hours afterward with the nice views and the sound of the ridiculously full river down the ravine, doing this...

We got off our booters for a date night with L and her squeeze Keith (whom we had never met).  We originally were going to do sushi and comedy, but we chatted and seemed to have missed the comedy.  Keith seemed like a nice guy, and they were uber cute and looked like they enjoy each others company quite a bit!  However, Ben and I literally ordered twice as much sushi as they did???  :)

Mother's Day was hopefully wonderful for my mom.  She plays the piano at the Snowbasin Mother's Day luncheon each year, and we go up to visit her after church, bearing gifts.  Usually we snag dessert since the meal is so spendy, but they let us just eat so that was a yummy surprise.

It was fun and I love seeing my cute mom always playing the piano.  We also wish Ben's mom in AZ, and Wendy a Happy Mother's Day and wish we could be everywhere at once to say so in person.

Alas I could not resist a bony hand picture.  Not with my pink and white striped nailies.  They look much cuter in person.  The glare from a camera makes the white bleed all sloppishly.

Ben and I made a visit to Sallys, but they're still out of Crackle polish.  I guess there has still been some "Crackle craze" for awhile.  I really wish I would have bought multiple colors back when.  Durn.  So this time we left with some fine tipped polishes to do polka dot nails I saw in this picture on this blog.  But I will do those next time around.  They are super cute!

That is all for now.  Last week we got some more bits of good news and were informed that a relocating offer is on its way hopefully this week (and that the company will give us both free passes to Crossfit there!!).  Pray that this one is worth a lovely move to some super awesome, dripping hot summers, and no more freezing winters.  Hopefully doors are opening for us!  Thanks go to my super hot, hardworking hubby.  He is so great!!

Have a wonderful rainy Monday!  I think the weather will be back to awesome later this week, thank goodness!!


  1. The filmstrip pictures look pretty amazing, honey! Nice work on them! The sushi looks pretty good too, I think we should do that again soon! I love you! And go to another HU show!!! Hollywood Undead!!! Yay! Lets get tattoos!!

  2. Hahaha you make me laugh!!! Maybe a Tazmanian Devil tat!! Ya! ILU!

  3. Man, do you ever look GORGEOUS in the picture with Ben with your sushi in front of you?!? What a babe. :)

    Looks like you really had a fun-filled weekend! I love it that you and Ben still "date" each other and make the time to do fun things together. What fun memories you're making.

    Your nails are awesome! I can't stand polish on my fingers, but maybe we could get together sometime and I'll do my toes. :)

  4. This pry sounds crazy, but I miss that view of the gully! It is amazing that it has been 15 years since I lived there, yet I still recognized it right away.

  5. Thanks Brooke!!! I'm really starting to love my hair, so thanks for the nice compliment. :) We need to get together before we move and do sushi at least!!

    And Stacy, it is so pretty. I always took it for granted. I can't believe it's been 15 years. Crazy.

  6. Holy smokes I love the radio show from Hell.. its GREAT!

  7. 1. Dude, your hand looks...strange.
    2. Love your cute mom!
    3. I thought your brown-haired friend was married to a blonde guy?
    4. I have never heard of that band you went to at Saltair. But I do love it there!