More Rainy May

Notice anything extra-terrestrial/ordinary about this picture?
My eyes were like this all afternoon.  For some reason it's way more noticeable on me than the average Jane.  My eyes are already EYES to begin with.  :)  The hubby took a pic.  He has perfect eyesight and I don't think has ever had his eyes dilated so when he saw me he was like "HOLY FREAK YOUR EYES!!"

So I'm blind.  -6 on the contacts.  I would have expected that by age 26 my eyes would have stopped getting worse.

On a better note, I'm getting new glasses soon (light blue KLiiks!), and I also bought seven mystery (Alphabet Series) hardbacks, on Ebay, for $15.42 overall.
And I have one long week left of work, and the house we wanted to move to was sold on Tuesday so I guess I won't post pictures of it after all.  Have a happy pouring and rainy Thursday, day three in a row.  It's like we live in Seattle!


  1. I just bought a kindle.. I decided I needed to read more! If these are good will you please tell me?

  2. I read a lot of "weird books" in people's eyes, but oh of course I will.

  3. Oh wow your eyes are really dilated. I hope they go back to normal soon.

  4. Wait. Did I miss something? Why are your eyes so dilated??

    PS Will you please train me on how to enjoy reading?

  5. never heard of the alphabet series, will definitely check it out :)

    wow, crazy about your eyes, they're gorgeous, but the size of pupil is kind of freaking me out!

  6. What kind of house are you guys looking to buy? my husband is selling one in safford. it is 2 bedroom 1 bath. he is remodeling it. i think he is selling it for 90,000$.

  7. I had my annual eye check-up. Nothing too fancy. :)

    Kamron I will send Ben your way. We don't know what we're looking for, honestly.