So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

The past week was pretty freakin' hectic.  We fit a lot into our last days in Layton, Utah. 

One last hurrah to my lil brother, James, and one last hurrah to Happy Sumo.  James and I have a very cyber relationship now with him being down at BYU, so hopefully it won't feel too much differently for now.  (At least that's what I'm telling myself.)
Here are a couple of people I worked with.  Unfortunately everyone else was long gone by the time I thought of getting a picture on my last day.  My boss, Shawn, is on the far left.  Then it goes Joan the secretary, Rick an estimator, and yours truly.
Ben and Shawn had their final racquetball tournament since they've kept up their Thursday morning games.  I've lost track of all the wins and losses up to this point, but for this day it was Ben 2, Shawn 1.  I think that's a good way to end the "season."
I got a new phone (our new town doesn't have Sprint, so ya).  I have two phones and numbers at the moment as I switch (my number won't change), but I can now play Words With Friends and WordFeud.   Find bisto84 if you play.  I'm currently obsessed.
I also finally have the Fatbooth application.  Ha.  Here is some of my sexy rexy fam.




It didn't work out too well on Rykar because he wouldn't hold still (and probably cuz he's a dog).  I'm going to miss this little guy.  I look at him now and miss him already, even though he's right there in front of me.  I also have this giant fear of scorpions hurting my lil pup out there, or maybe I'm just trying to find extra justification to my letting the family keep him, but they are quite happy I'm not whisking him away just because technically he's "mine."  Isn't he soooo cute!!  What a lil stud.

Memorial Day was our big packing day (holy cow).  I haven't moved to another state in nearly twenty years so I now realize what a hoarder I have become!!  :/  I really don't need cheer shoes from 8th grade that are still too big...I DI'd so much stuff just so we wouldn't have to bring it.  It's crazy how much stuff you realize you have when you have to pack it all up to go with you.  How do people move all the time??
We had a final dinner with some of the ladies (and guys).  Thanks Sher for getting everyone together.  Maybe next time we'll have the waitress take pictures before we eat.  =)

We hope the rest of the family had a good holiday weekend at the ranch.

See you all in Arizona.  =)

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  1. I know what you mean about the whole moving thing. We are in the process of moving ourselves out of my in laws into our own place. We had so much stuff even though we gave some away.