Our Town! Pt I

This, my friends, is where my hubbykins works!  Kind of see at the base of the mountain?  The mine.  But don't try visiting him because they will TURN YOU AWAY at the gate.  Me included.  Lame sauce.

When the quarter is over (this busy time that makes all accountants work on our fav holiday the 4th of July), I will finally get to meet some of his co-workers for lunch sometime.  As for now I will settle for the videos/pictures Ben took to help me envision the place.
So Ben doesn't go to work until 8, and gets off at 4:30.  It's awesome.  We get to stay up a lot later at night now, and waking up is easy since the sun comes up at like five.  Soon the accounting department will begin working two weeks of four-tens, two weeks of five-eights, and so forth.  I think that is a great idea to mix it up.  Someone is a genius.

We live by Spencer W. Kimball's home that he grew up in.  In fact I think that's how some people (my pops) knew the area we were moving to, by knowing about where Spencer W. Kimball grew up.
Here is the historic main street area of our little town.  I've only really been here once when we ate with Forrest and Ashley last weekend, so I don't know much of the little shops or whatnot, even though it's like three minutes from home.  My first time driving through here I about ran all the stop lights.  They are just not that easy to see, especially when you are lost and looking for the post office.
It finally rained slashed down poured for a second or two, but the skies were crazy and the thunder went all night.  I endured my first "Arizona lightening storm."  We went to dinner with Nate and Becky and I brought my huge camera bag and tripod so I could take a couple shots.  =) Just look at the skies.  Seriously amazing!

Trying to do an HDR was frustrating with all the traffic, and it was raining so I didn't want to come out from under cover for the shot, so it is what it is.
I had no idea this place has froggies, or toads, but after it rained they were all over the place (the street getting run over).  I caught this little guy mid leap.  I think he's kind of cute.

We have these very orange streetlights that line the streets at night.  Seriously they are the color of the yellow/orange stop lights and it messes with you sometimes.  I learned it is because of our observatories we have here at Mt. Graham, and they are low emitting lights to help with the images taken there.  Here is a lousy picture of them.  I would say they don't necessarily light the town up that well.  But ah well.
And I swear I saw a baby scorpion in our bathroom last night, so we ordered a black light.  If there are any in here, they will die.  Ben thinks it was a fuzz, but I swear...

Tombstone & a Trip Down Memory Lane

We spent a little time in Tombstone this weekend!  It was also the first overcast day we have had here, period, but I still don't know how all the people in cloaks and costumes could handle the heat like that, with all sorts of layers.  Crazy.

One thing I have already learned out here is that you don't wear layers during the summer.  It's almost like a couple of months where you dress solely for the weather instead of fashion.  Or you go to the pool (which we do quite often), and somehow the water there is freaking cold (I've never understood that part).  And you also drink gallons of water all day long that sometimes you feel like you're drowning from the inside out, and you don't want to eat dinner because your belly is full already.  Holy cow.  It's awesome.  You really should come visit.

So Tombstone.  We didn't know much about it, but there are billboards on the freeway and it looked super awesome.  We bought tickets to the gun show, but they canceled it last minute so we didn't get to see them shoot each other.  We did get to see some other shootings on the street which I tried to take a picture of (as you'll see below).

I took a couple of HDRs of the area.  There were people all over so I had to shoot quick and didn't get to adjust my settings much.  But I was happy there were clouds in the sky because they look cool.

We also took a trip down memory lane for my super hot hubby.  I honestly can't believe how many places his family lived.  In this town we visited, St. David, there were at least four different places they lived within like ten-ish years, before moving north.  He was young, like 10 and younger.

And here is the little grocery store (I think), and the church that Ben's dad taught seminary at.  Two of the houses above were within walking distance.  I love memory trips!!

I finally took a couple of pictures of some of our town, but I think I'll put them in another post.  Soon you shall see where we currently live (vaguely speaking).  It is a cute little area, and aside from the occasional Saturday night lack of excitement, it's great.  And thankfully we're close enough to the cities.  This weekend we'll be back in Scottsdale.  We sure love it there.

Have a happy summer, almost-forth-of-July, week.  =)

Our Cute Nieces

Well so far so good.  I think we made the right leap of faith on up and moving to the land of hot (and by hot I mean 110 yesterday according to my car).  It has been a pleasant three weeks in Graham county (I think Graham), living close to family and our ridiculously cute nieces.

Ben was in charge of a "lesson" for family night this week.  I had no idea what he put together, but it was pretty cute.  He chose to talk about temples, and he made a puzzle for the girls to put together.  So stinkin' cute.
Becky, the girls and I went to feed the ducks at the park.  When we got there, there were many inmates working in the area in their bright orange jumpsuits.  Work release...maybe.  I took a picture of the "ducks," but really of them eating lunch.  They were kind of everywhere, riding on tractors, four wheelers, pushing wheel barrels, etc.  Creepy.
I may be a little biased, but I think we have the cutest nieces.  Especially with burrito all over the place.  :)
 We also all went to the pool for an evening swim.
So cute.

Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Etc., the VALLEY

We have found our future homeland!!  Scottsdale.  It is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.  It would be a pleasant city to live in I think.

We spent this weekend in the valley!  I've been on a hunt for a replacement hairstylist after having gone to the same one in Utah for, like, 15 years.  Stressful.  So I placed my trust in Dolce Salon in Scottsdale, a wonderful stylist there, after getting three recommendations and seeing $30 off on Groupon.  Perfect.

(Randomly I learned my new stylist got married and moved here 1-1/2 years ago from Logan/Provo areas, and got married in the SLC temple just like we did!!  Geez it is such a small world.)

Sooooo...since I've never really been to Scottsdale, Phoenix, so forth and on and such (other than driving through), we did first things first...shop (ha jk, sorta).  We decided it was logical that I should add a few pair of shoes to my humble collection (to which you probably now think I really must have a problem).  So I added some pink Fergys that are significantly cuter in person, and some others.  We visited Fashion Square and then SanTan Village in Gilbert.  It was like shop-options-overwhelming-ness.

These are the Waterfront Residences with their pools on the rooftops.  They were really cute, and my favorite are the palm trees everywhere.  It feels like vacation all of the time.

Dinner was at the recommended Blue Wasabi, in Scottsdale, on the patio.  It was pretty good sushi and came out super quickly, but we both agree that Happy Sumo is better.  One of our rolls had sirloin steak in it.  It was...different.
After dinner Ben gave me the grand tour of Arizona, ASU (where he got his degrees), to his new work headquarters in downtown Phoenix, and so forth.  We stopped at Tempe Town Lake and it was a really cool little park, and even at 10pm it was crawling with people.  I wish it could have been daylight so I could have taken some pictures that show everything there was to see.  Perhaps next time.

It's fun to see some of Ben's old stomping ground, especially since he moved to mine last year.  Being out here makes me kind of wish I would have ventured out of state earlier.  It's a different life than life in Utah.

We spent more time at the pool!!  What was even better is there was nearly nobody else there, so I could read in the pool without being splashed.  It was pretty hot.  Hot enough to melt the glue on the spine of my book and rattle all sorts of pages lose.  I think we both re-sunburned our previously sunburned shoulders.  Time to buy some sunscreen (like two weeks ago)!!

Did I mention that smoothie cost ten dollars??  It was the best smoothie I have ever had.  That is the story I'm sticking to.  :)

As for the fires, the Wallow fire became the biggest in AZ history last week, and yet another fire started yesterday.  These fires are still burning all over the place, and I have seen a couple of clouds since moving here, but no sign of moisture.  I still don't know what to expect as far as climate, but I guess monsoon season has officially started down here.  We'll see.

And definitely not leastly, Happy Father's Day to our daddies yesterday!!  I'm disappointed to hear our mail takes extra long to get from here to there and our cards didn't arrive in time, but we are beyond grateful for them and their examples.  We really lucked out.  They are the best!!

That's all for now.  Have another lovely week.