Adventures of Clifton Slash Stuff

We started our weekend at the pool and plan to spend much time there this summer.  We both left completely fried, but hopefully one day we'll actually have a base tan and that won't happen anymore.  We love spending time together reading at the pool.  It is our most favorite!!

We also took the black light out to do some scorpion hunting.  I initiated the hunt (and videod) but after like scorpion number five I had the heebie geebies and didn't want to continue.  Even our lil nieces continued on.

We're going to get a black light and check out around our house to see how many we've got.  We haven't seen any, but I know they've got to be out there somewhere.

Ben's first week on the job was filled with safety training about an hour away from his office.  He went through some little towns to get there and decided to take me to one of them this weekend so I could take some pictures.  So what better time to wander the desert with my camera than in 105 degrees?
This little Clifton town has 3000+ people (though I swear we saw only like five).  It feels like a quiet and deserted mining town, which is somewhat true.  The Morenci Mine is right next to it. 

We took a couple of pictures of the "tourist attractions," if that's what they are called.  There was a really old shovel from the mine that was pretty neat.  They're so ridiculously massive!  Since nobody was around, mister Ben just climbed on in the old machine.  It was such a quiet town.


This is the smoke from the Wallow fire, which started just over two weeks ago.  It's the second largest, but apparently only hours away from being the biggest in AZ history (the biggest was 470,000).  And rumor has it (or the news) that another fire started in southern AZ yesterday afternoon.  I have no idea how many that makes, but this place is really burning up and needs some moisture.
That's all for now.  Have a happy week!


  1. It does look like a really deserted town. Love the pictures!!

  2. ewww why would you ever want to look for scorpions... yuck. I maybe saw two the entire time I lived there and definitely never went and looked for them! you brave brave soul!! :-)