Arizonians <--That's Us.

I'm slacking on the picture taking.  I have high plans to get my nice camera out and do a town exploration, but I've been staying busy so far and just haven't.  We have already enjoyed the pool, ice cream, Crossfit, and playing on the basketball hoop.  And I'm having fun finding new recipes to make!

So we're adjusting.  I have never thought myself to ever live in a smaller town.  But this place is kind of cute, different, and I feel like I get more odd looks when I go to Wal-Mart in my heels than the time I went in my full blown jammies, which I did.

There are a lot of alleys here and initially I worried myself into a first sleepless night, and thought my crime reading days were definitely going to be over.  But the neighbors told us they'll leave their garages open (which I have witnessed), people hardly lock up, and this place is "really safe."  Now I've really warmed up to the alleys and find it a little comical my mentality upon arriving.  But I still lock up everything.  That's just ingrained in me.  I do think we will like some time here!!  But Ben still plans to most likely transfer before we welcome any critters to the family.

Here are some more loverly shots of our lil place.  We're still trying to decide what to do with all my shoes.  They take up a lot of room.  It's an awesome problem, but still a problem.

Here is a shot of our cute yard.  Sheridan said she hoped we didn't forget the lawn mower.  =)  And I thought Utah was a desert.  I kind of want to get a black light and go look for scorpions.  They still freak me out, but I haven't seen any here...yet.  Just at my inlaws house.
Here is a shot of my home office, or at least what we could pull together for right now.  Tuesday I started my working from home, and so far it has been nice (minus the early morning phone call alarms because they forget I'm an hour behind).

It has been a big adjustment to not wake up early and go straight to the office like I have since highschool.  I have had a hard time not feeling kind of like a bum, if that makes any sense.  Working from home is very convenient though.
When we got here the fridge opened the wrong way.  GASP.  lol  My hubbers got out the tools and changed that around immediately.  Now it opens the correct way.  :)  He is adorable.
That's all for now!!  We've been here over a week already.  Crazy.  Have a happy weekend!  I debated posting a video on my blog or just emailing it to people, but here it is.  Around the house in a minute!  =)


  1. Yes, you never lose the locking habit, do you? I lock religiously as well. But you're in a very safe place. Enjoy!

  2. Looks really cute! I could give your shoes a good home ;) In our last apartment I had to store my shoes "seasonally" so I get what you mean. Good luck with that! So excited for you guys, what an adventure!

  3. Wow, your place looks really nice. It's a good thing you bought your keyboard, I can't imagine you living without a piano. This semester I don't have class everyday and so I study in my room a lot and feel kinda bummish as well.