Our Cute Nieces

Well so far so good.  I think we made the right leap of faith on up and moving to the land of hot (and by hot I mean 110 yesterday according to my car).  It has been a pleasant three weeks in Graham county (I think Graham), living close to family and our ridiculously cute nieces.

Ben was in charge of a "lesson" for family night this week.  I had no idea what he put together, but it was pretty cute.  He chose to talk about temples, and he made a puzzle for the girls to put together.  So stinkin' cute.
Becky, the girls and I went to feed the ducks at the park.  When we got there, there were many inmates working in the area in their bright orange jumpsuits.  Work release...maybe.  I took a picture of the "ducks," but really of them eating lunch.  They were kind of everywhere, riding on tractors, four wheelers, pushing wheel barrels, etc.  Creepy.
I may be a little biased, but I think we have the cutest nieces.  Especially with burrito all over the place.  :)
 We also all went to the pool for an evening swim.
So cute.


  1. One of my favorite parts of living in AZ was swimming late at night!! I am glad you are getting settled in. If you get a chance in August, there is a hike in Sabino Canyon (close to Tucson) that's way cool. When the monsoons hit, one of the run offs in the canyons has these 7 waterfalls. if there has been a lot of rain they get pretty big. The canyon is gorgeous too. We went right before sunset and then hiked out at sunset. You can get some cool silhouette pics of the saguaro cacti!

  2. Isn't it amazing how little kids can just suck you right in and steal your heart forever?!? :)

  3. Thanks Stacy! We really will head out to Sabino Canyon in a few months and check it out. We love new adventures.

    And Brooke, yes, absolutely. These girls are really so cute. I think I have a glimpse into loving the lil ones.