Our Town! Pt I

This, my friends, is where my hubbykins works!  Kind of see at the base of the mountain?  The mine.  But don't try visiting him because they will TURN YOU AWAY at the gate.  Me included.  Lame sauce.

When the quarter is over (this busy time that makes all accountants work on our fav holiday the 4th of July), I will finally get to meet some of his co-workers for lunch sometime.  As for now I will settle for the videos/pictures Ben took to help me envision the place.
So Ben doesn't go to work until 8, and gets off at 4:30.  It's awesome.  We get to stay up a lot later at night now, and waking up is easy since the sun comes up at like five.  Soon the accounting department will begin working two weeks of four-tens, two weeks of five-eights, and so forth.  I think that is a great idea to mix it up.  Someone is a genius.

We live by Spencer W. Kimball's home that he grew up in.  In fact I think that's how some people (my pops) knew the area we were moving to, by knowing about where Spencer W. Kimball grew up.
Here is the historic main street area of our little town.  I've only really been here once when we ate with Forrest and Ashley last weekend, so I don't know much of the little shops or whatnot, even though it's like three minutes from home.  My first time driving through here I about ran all the stop lights.  They are just not that easy to see, especially when you are lost and looking for the post office.
It finally rained slashed down poured for a second or two, but the skies were crazy and the thunder went all night.  I endured my first "Arizona lightening storm."  We went to dinner with Nate and Becky and I brought my huge camera bag and tripod so I could take a couple shots.  =) Just look at the skies.  Seriously amazing!

Trying to do an HDR was frustrating with all the traffic, and it was raining so I didn't want to come out from under cover for the shot, so it is what it is.
I had no idea this place has froggies, or toads, but after it rained they were all over the place (the street getting run over).  I caught this little guy mid leap.  I think he's kind of cute.

We have these very orange streetlights that line the streets at night.  Seriously they are the color of the yellow/orange stop lights and it messes with you sometimes.  I learned it is because of our observatories we have here at Mt. Graham, and they are low emitting lights to help with the images taken there.  Here is a lousy picture of them.  I would say they don't necessarily light the town up that well.  But ah well.
And I swear I saw a baby scorpion in our bathroom last night, so we ordered a black light.  If there are any in here, they will die.  Ben thinks it was a fuzz, but I swear...


  1. I love your pics :) That frog is huge! I especially like the pic of the parking lot with clouds. You should deviantart it. It looks great down there, maybe when I get a three day weekend that isn't too full I can drive down and play.

  2. Which one? Or the HDR? I haven't had much time to take a really good HDR for awhile, but I plan to. I LOVE that newest HDR of yours on Deviantart. Awesome!!

    And come visit! We can hike and such. FUN.

  3. I want to visit really bad, I'm trying to find a weekend, but we'll see. I like the picture above of the house. It is really colorful, which I like.

  4. Lookslike a charming lil town you live in. Also, good job on your photo editing skills. They are looking good!