Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Etc., the VALLEY

We have found our future homeland!!  Scottsdale.  It is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.  It would be a pleasant city to live in I think.

We spent this weekend in the valley!  I've been on a hunt for a replacement hairstylist after having gone to the same one in Utah for, like, 15 years.  Stressful.  So I placed my trust in Dolce Salon in Scottsdale, a wonderful stylist there, after getting three recommendations and seeing $30 off on Groupon.  Perfect.

(Randomly I learned my new stylist got married and moved here 1-1/2 years ago from Logan/Provo areas, and got married in the SLC temple just like we did!!  Geez it is such a small world.)

Sooooo...since I've never really been to Scottsdale, Phoenix, so forth and on and such (other than driving through), we did first things (ha jk, sorta).  We decided it was logical that I should add a few pair of shoes to my humble collection (to which you probably now think I really must have a problem).  So I added some pink Fergys that are significantly cuter in person, and some others.  We visited Fashion Square and then SanTan Village in Gilbert.  It was like shop-options-overwhelming-ness.

These are the Waterfront Residences with their pools on the rooftops.  They were really cute, and my favorite are the palm trees everywhere.  It feels like vacation all of the time.

Dinner was at the recommended Blue Wasabi, in Scottsdale, on the patio.  It was pretty good sushi and came out super quickly, but we both agree that Happy Sumo is better.  One of our rolls had sirloin steak in it.  It was...different.
After dinner Ben gave me the grand tour of Arizona, ASU (where he got his degrees), to his new work headquarters in downtown Phoenix, and so forth.  We stopped at Tempe Town Lake and it was a really cool little park, and even at 10pm it was crawling with people.  I wish it could have been daylight so I could have taken some pictures that show everything there was to see.  Perhaps next time.

It's fun to see some of Ben's old stomping ground, especially since he moved to mine last year.  Being out here makes me kind of wish I would have ventured out of state earlier.  It's a different life than life in Utah.

We spent more time at the pool!!  What was even better is there was nearly nobody else there, so I could read in the pool without being splashed.  It was pretty hot.  Hot enough to melt the glue on the spine of my book and rattle all sorts of pages lose.  I think we both re-sunburned our previously sunburned shoulders.  Time to buy some sunscreen (like two weeks ago)!!

Did I mention that smoothie cost ten dollars??  It was the best smoothie I have ever had.  That is the story I'm sticking to.  :)

As for the fires, the Wallow fire became the biggest in AZ history last week, and yet another fire started yesterday.  These fires are still burning all over the place, and I have seen a couple of clouds since moving here, but no sign of moisture.  I still don't know what to expect as far as climate, but I guess monsoon season has officially started down here.  We'll see.

And definitely not leastly, Happy Father's Day to our daddies yesterday!!  I'm disappointed to hear our mail takes extra long to get from here to there and our cards didn't arrive in time, but we are beyond grateful for them and their examples.  We really lucked out.  They are the best!!

That's all for now.  Have another lovely week.


  1. dont you just love all the shopping there?! i love arizona that is where carl is from so we get to visit his fam lots and i love the lifestyle there! tempe town lake is so fun, do the paddle boats!! and scottsdale has everything you will ever need :) looks like youre having a blast!

  2. I still like those shoes! They are darling!

  3. You're so lucky you live at a place with palm trees! I can't wait to move somewhere warm.

  4. LOVE arizona! Its such a fun place! We stayed in Scottsdale as a fam a few years back at the Princess Resort and it was SO much fun! The shopping is the best! And that smoothie looks SO yummy - glad you guys are having fun in AZ!

  5. Wow, Christy! It looks like you're really warming up to life out of state. I love I've mentioned a hundred times before. Scottsdale IS the best!! You and Ben are a beautiful couple and I love it that you find so many ways to have fun together. Now...I'm not so sure about that $10 smoothie...buuut, I guess if it was hot enough for my book to melt, maybe I would cough up the money for one of those "best smoothies ever." Ha. You'd better buy some sunscreen!!!