Tombstone & a Trip Down Memory Lane

We spent a little time in Tombstone this weekend!  It was also the first overcast day we have had here, period, but I still don't know how all the people in cloaks and costumes could handle the heat like that, with all sorts of layers.  Crazy.

One thing I have already learned out here is that you don't wear layers during the summer.  It's almost like a couple of months where you dress solely for the weather instead of fashion.  Or you go to the pool (which we do quite often), and somehow the water there is freaking cold (I've never understood that part).  And you also drink gallons of water all day long that sometimes you feel like you're drowning from the inside out, and you don't want to eat dinner because your belly is full already.  Holy cow.  It's awesome.  You really should come visit.

So Tombstone.  We didn't know much about it, but there are billboards on the freeway and it looked super awesome.  We bought tickets to the gun show, but they canceled it last minute so we didn't get to see them shoot each other.  We did get to see some other shootings on the street which I tried to take a picture of (as you'll see below).

I took a couple of HDRs of the area.  There were people all over so I had to shoot quick and didn't get to adjust my settings much.  But I was happy there were clouds in the sky because they look cool.

We also took a trip down memory lane for my super hot hubby.  I honestly can't believe how many places his family lived.  In this town we visited, St. David, there were at least four different places they lived within like ten-ish years, before moving north.  He was young, like 10 and younger.

And here is the little grocery store (I think), and the church that Ben's dad taught seminary at.  Two of the houses above were within walking distance.  I love memory trips!!

I finally took a couple of pictures of some of our town, but I think I'll put them in another post.  Soon you shall see where we currently live (vaguely speaking).  It is a cute little area, and aside from the occasional Saturday night lack of excitement, it's great.  And thankfully we're close enough to the cities.  This weekend we'll be back in Scottsdale.  We sure love it there.

Have a happy summer, almost-forth-of-July, week.  =)


  1. Your pictures are so fun to look at--all photo shopped and fancy! I have never seen anyone use photoshop the way you do! I love it!

  2. Thanks Brooke! You are always so sweet! I do have lots of fun with Photoshop. It is such a powerful program.