Well Isn't This a Change

We left the land of flooding to go to the land of burning, but we finally made it here!  Arizona is hot ...and quite on fire.  On our way to church we could hardly see the mountains around us because of the smoke.  It's rather insane, all of these fires.

The temperatures have been Arizona-ish, I guess.  I bought some capris/shorts, Otterpops, and set the AC on 88.  =)  This week I begin my working from home adventure.
The move almost went as planned.  Mister Budget truck decided to go 25 mph up even tiny hills on the freeway, so it took us an extra six hours.  Ben sure loved that super slow truck.  ;)

My wonderful family helped load us up, Tom my wonderful FIL drove the red truck behind us for the 20 hour drive, and Ben's family helped unload us.  Thank you everyone!


When we'd stop I'd whip out the tripod for some pictures and HDRs.  Here is Kanab, and then two images overlooking Arizona after you leave Page/Lake Powell, as you drive through the Navajo reservation.

When we got here my in-laws were talking about how they've had a raid of scorpions at their house lately.  Becky, my SIL, took me out to see one.  Creepy.  I haven't seen any at our house, luckily.  They also have pretty and colorful sunsets here (right now they are also smoky sunsets).

We went to Tucson to take the Budget back (I think Ben was so super sad to say goodbye to it), and honestly I wasn't too impressed for my first time there.  It was a little rundown.  I think I'll give it another chance.  Perhaps I just didn't' see enough to form an absolute opinion.
We got pulled over on the way back for speeding in the middle of nowhere after three days of going like 50 under the speed limit.  lol  Go figure.  So I took pictures from my car seat.  This house is just, like, out there.

As for our own place, it is cuter than I was expecting, and pretty cozy too.  Such a relief!!  I want to post a front elevation I took of it, but I will probably wait until we move out (just for the sake of the world wide web).  But here are three shots...but mostly of stuff.  Sorry.  How about a video to come?

Nothing does it justice like being in it in person.  Come visit.  And if you hate the heat (dad), come during the fall or winter or spring.  We are going to be here for awhile!!  And I plan to post some better pictures soon.

As for Ben, his first day of his new job went well, and he was in great spirits about it.  It makes me so happy to see him like this about work.  =)  Gawsh it's been a crazy ride, but we are really excited about ...life.

Love and miss you all.  And my puppy pup.

I thought I'd post a picture in memory of Jessica whom passed away last week, especially since we've moved and I couldn't attend the funeral.  She's the blonde right in the middle holding the plaque.  It's surreal how things like this can happen, but thankfully memories can last a lifetime.  Rest in peace, Jessica.  Your family is in my prayers.


  1. So Lands, I erased your comment with my new phone. :/ So here..."Love the pics!! I especially like the one of the trucks. I looks like you have a pretty nice place, I'll have to come visit you sometime. Glad you made it safe. I'll get my camera back soon :)"

    But come visit!! Take a break from school for once. :)

  2. SO, so sad about Jess. She was a happy ball of sunshine always.

    You are going to love having your very own place. LOVE.

  3. LOL!!! That's hilarious that you deleted my comment! Anyways, I now can handle shirts with cowboy buttons I've decided. I'll update my blog tomorrow. I'm not tired now, it's really weird.

  4. Dangit!! I wish you would have liked cowboy buttons two weeks ago because man, the selections and options were plentiful!! Haha. And this time I didn't erase your comment. :)

  5. I'm glad you arrived to your new destination safely and that everything is going so well so far! I'm excited to see how you guys like having your OWN place!

  6. I love the pictures they are gorgeous. And its really sad what happened to Jessica, I was shocked to hear it. But she is in a better place now.

  7. Sounds like a successful move! I'm also glad to hear Ben likes his new job. Good luck with the unpacking.