Happy Birthday Ben!

Happy Birthday to my hubby!!!!  He will shoot me for sharing, but he is turning 33 today!  I share because I love that he's six years older than me, but he still isn't thrilled at the number.

Mister Ben is the most selfless person, and I could go on about all the mushy things I absolutely adore about him, but I will (try to) spare you.  Just know he impresses me everyday and the level of caring and patience he consistently shows is absolutely astounding.  I never even had a glimpse into the level of happiness attainable by being married and spending each day with the most ideal match.  I know we both look forward to our evenings together working out, relaxing and teasing each other unceasingly.  This pattern of life has become utterly enjoyable, and we're just in the beginning stages.  I am grateful to him for that!  Ben. Is. Awesome!!
So Happy Birthday!!  Too bad you have to work and close out the month today.  You deserve to be on the lake in a sweet Malibu for your birthday!!

And since I know Ben will peak at mister blog, I shalln't post any presents he shall be getting.  Happy Birthday muluv!  Can't wait to see you!

Small Town-isms

LOVE them:

  • Commuting is minimal and everyone is close by.
  • I can go to Wal-Mart multiple times a day and put like five miles on my car. 
  • Date night dinner restaurants are like two whopping minutes from home.  Nothing like leaving the house at 7 and getting there two fashionable minutes late.
  • Weekday routines (work, gym, dinner, etc.) are very relaxed and cozy.  Weekdays in a small town are so ideal!!  
  • I can probably go three weeks in between gas fill ups if we don't take the car into the valley.
  • We don't even have a freeway.  There is no more driving anxiety.
  • If you want to go out to eat in your pajamas, go for it.  Nobody gawks at you in surprise like they do when you wear hot pink lipstick and heels (to Dennys....but I was dying to get all ready).

BOO them:
  • Sonic was out of green apple flavor for my green apple slush and out of bananas for Ben's banana split.  
  • DQ was out of ice.
  • Produce is always about a day from being wrinkly, so I buy one banana at a time.  (If I eat it I can always just go drive and get another.)
  • There are never any normal flavored oreos left at Wal-Mart.
  • Did I just see a deer head on the front of a house?
  • The gym is closed on Saturday.
  • Small towns are "safe", but I really am having a hard time running without constantly looking behind me.
  • Restaurants close at like 8 on the weekends.  During the weekdays some have even closed at seven.
  • This place needs a hoppin' club for some Saturday night booty shakin'.

If I were mayor of one of them:
  • The pool would be open as soon as it hit 75 degrees (March?) and stay open until it drops below 75 degrees.  And I think 20 lifeguards are overkill?
  • Dessert places have to stay open until 10.  haha
  • The inmates work release programs would not include cleaning the parks.  That scares the children away (and adults).

Two years ago we had Vegas days.  
One year ago it was Salt Lake days.  
This year they are Arizona small town days.  Our life chapter book is insane and pretty quick paced so far.  I wonder where it will take us next year?  Judging by the pattern thus far, I'm guessing, like, Morenci. lol (No offense Morenci-ans.)

Maybe the mine will transfer us out of the country (not the plan nor want), or maybe we'll have twins by then (not the plan at all, either).  Life is crazy and so unplanned, but it's much fun and we love memories, ...even in a small town.

Twenty (Third) Fourth of July Weekend

The 24th of July (slash 23rd of July this year) is a bigger deal around here than the 4th.  I finally realized what an LDS community we have moved to after viewing a parade with float after float by different wards!

The weather got a little windy, but the temperatures dropped so it was almost ideal.  The fireworks were fancy, the BBQ dinner was GREAT and the company was lovely, again, of course.  And uncle Ben thought he'd give miss Mallory Monster.  And she liked it.

The other girls were in the parade.  Ragan didn't even see us until she was clear past, so that nixed my picture opportunity.  But they were super cute.

This float was probably my favorite.  I thought about my dad when I saw it for some reason.  It's a temple!!  See the Angel Moroni??  Look closely.  Or click on the picture to enlarge it.

Above are the missionaries.  And below if you look closely you see people chillin' on their rooftop.  I just love the trees.  Still not over them.

Ben and I also took a trip up the mountain, but a short way up it started to pour and was quite the lightning storm so we turned around and decided to get some mountain lightening shots from our valley.  But then the lightning kind of stopped when I had my camera finally set up, so we just dinked around.  I'm pretty sure the lightning started back up when we left.  Better luck next time.  And I must add that I just LOVE Ben's longer hair, blowin' in the wind.  =)

That's all for now!!  I'm thinking about doing an HDR tutorial, but I haven't gotten that far yet.  Hope you had a good 24th!


Ben and Ryan searched the yard a couple of weeks ago and found no scorpions even near the house, so I was pretty let down when Ben slammed a cup down on what I knew right away was a blasted scorpion.  Seriously this place has no bugs (well once I saw a cricket), so what else would it be.

Look how nasty.  We flushed him down the toilet.  And the new bedtime ritual is to turn out the lights while Ben searches the house with the black light.  The house is sprayed every month (and again the day after this guy was found) and we don't plan to see anymore.  Dangit.
I'm getting the heebie geebies writing this.  I think it's time to go think about something else like shoes, and Pinterest and other mindless addicting wastes of time!  :)  Not scorpions climbing up our sheets at night (what kept me up ALL night this night).  Thank goodness Ben isn't a wuss like me.  And thank goodness he's hot.  =)


Lake Powell is so effing amazing no matter how many times you go.  It just is so dang pretty.  You float in the middle of the lake on a pink $5 special Wal-Mart floaty, and wonder if you're dreaming and if you really do have to ever go back to work.
On our drive to Powell we pass by Lake Roosevelt.  We went boating at Roosevelt two years ago, Memorial Day, and it looks to be a huge lake with little crowding.  I honestly can't believe how bare it always seems to be.

We got to Powell around 1-1:30 in the morning.  We found us a nice vacant campground, literally threw our sleeping bags on the dirt, and slept until 5 (at least I did).  We were out of there by 5:30 and avoided ever having to pay a full day campsite price for those few hours of shuteye.  (Hello awesome.)  Ben was amazed that I slept like a rock.  I tell you, I can sleep anywhere as long as I have my pillow.

And perhaps watching my lil nieceys for a couple of days contributed to my dead out slumber.

Dallin and Josh are just crazy.  They would cruise along and then each jump off while going so fast that they skid across the water.  Sounds painful.  But who doesn't love entertainment at the expense of someone else?

Ben's doctor told him he should be okay wakeboarding if he's careful, so it was his first time out for the year.  I was pretty nervous when he'd jump and during his crashes, but he was fine.  However, after he uses his arm extensively, it does that big bulgy muscle thing.

Here is the setup and our awesome cove.  It actually used to be a pirate ship, but my uncle, etc., completely remodeled it.  Frankly I think a pirate ship is cool.

 My family loves to play horse shoes, and Dallin and Ben teamed up to be undefeated until Saturday night when they totally lost their groove.  Funny thing is, is it was Dil's first time playing and he was getting all sorts of ringers.
Mister Monte was on one the whole time.  I was out taking pictures when he started yelling for me and posing.  All week long he would randomly dunk people, throw water on them, tease them relentlessly and so forth.  Ben was determined to get him back...which he did.

People would climb up the mountain and hang out on the top with a sweet view.  Perhaps I would have felt more adventurous, but I still hold a grudge against rock climbing.  Coming down always is harder, and if one person slips...you all go dowwwwn.

So Ben climbed it.  Hmmmya, wasn't too thrilled about that one.  He ended up saying he shouldn't have after all.  Too much trust in his arm...and worry for his precious, adorable wifey (I'm guessing that's how he describes me to others).  ;)

Gawsh I married a super hottie!!  Even while camping.  :)  (And we didn't get a 1...2...3...)

Apparently we bring dogs and domesticated turkeys to Lake Powell.  Meet Claymore, held by Nick.  She was actually kind of cute and we bonded while I fed her trail mix on the back deck one afternoon.  She just walked around the houseboat peeping and eating crumbs all week.

This was the first time I've taken my ring off, and I guess that was evident by the white line that now is so burned it's blistery and I can't wear my ring still!!  Kind of funny.

Ben dumped a big bucket of water on Monte during a horse shoes game and everyone was rolling.  When nobody was looking, Nick dumped a bucket of water on Ben so Ben picked up and threw Nick in the water.  Then Monte (Nick's dad) runs after Ben and they dunk each other.  And Monte lost his sun glasses.  But I think everyone was satisfied.  =)

It was so nice to see everyone!  And those that couldn't make it, hopefully we'll see you soon at Christmas or something.  Love you all!