I Can't Believe it is JULY.

Time has been getting away from us.  Hmmm...I guess we've been busy working, Scottsdale-ing, melting, reading Hunger Games (we caved and so far so good) holiday-ing, and revamping my RESUME, something I am no good at and takes me way too long.
Thank goodness for my genius husband and his ninja resume skills, I finally am more up to speed.  I haven't used my resume in over five years, and it was sure full of fluff back then.  Now I can actually take the fluff out and put more experience in its place.  It feels nice to be back up to speed.

So we went to Scottsdale over the weekend, again, because it is like pure paradise over there.  We did nothing but bake at the pool, and read while we baked, and drink Monsters and water from our cooler while we read while we baked.  The combination of those things makes for an ideal Buhr time.  Thank goodness we both agree on that.  Oh, and we went to Yogurtland.  =)
There's this thing in Scottsdale, a crazy looking thing.  Judging by our drive by I think it's just a business park, but we decided that we would still take some pictures of it.  And though it was ridiculously windy and the trees wouldn't hold still, I still tried out an HDR which turned out fuzzy, of course.  It seems lately the weather hasn't cooperated with my HDRing.
It was 115 degrees this weekend, but I have discovered that knee length capris (almost like longer biker shorts but so NOT biker shorts) + combination of the HALF TEE equals so much better than wearing one of those full blown Downeast tees under my shirts.  That = hot.  And now that I'm married, I already wear way too many layers, if you will.  Sometimes I've felt frumpy, too, so the half tee is worth the money, and the material is nice.  Maybe one day I will learn to sew, and make my own.  Image from their website:
So there is another new fire.  This one is on a mountain surrounding our town.  It's not too big as of yet, but it's in a hard to get to area on the reservation so we shall see.  It sure makes the sunsets even more amazing since that is the west side mountain where the sun actually sets.
There were some sweet choppers at the helibase as we drove by.  Sadly they were all gone on our way back and I didn't get to take millions of pictures of them, too.  And below is a picture of the skies in the east at sunset.  Yes I know I post a lot of sky pictures, but they just are so lovely every single night.
The 4th of July has always been my near favorite holiday since my family is always in the Layton parade and I love going to the park and buying all sorts of random food from the vendors afterwards.  Layton makes it a huge ordeal.  FUN.  But this year it was quite different, and pretty down scaled though it was still a nice day.  We still had a little parade, the fireworks at the fairgrounds were actually pretty good, and the company was fab (of course!!).  And my hubby sure was hot stuff!!  But that's the norm for every day.  :)
That is all for now.  Hope you had a Happy 4th of July as well!!  Life is good.


  1. those HDR pics are sweet. you inspire me with your mad skills. I really want to learn how to do that...tutorial please!

  2. I'll see if maybe I can do a tutorial on them sometime!

  3. I'm just passing person but u guys really happy family!!