Loverly Low Key Life

We haven't been up to much lately.  More reading.  It has been rather nice to relax with Ben.  An abrupt new lifestyle sure brings you even closer together.
The weather has been a little crazy.  Super hot and sunny, and then afternoons of monsoons with thunder and lightning and quick car-clean-ruining, downpours.  It reminds me almost of the thunderstorms we had in Kansas City.  I love them!!

Saturday's lightening started a fire on our mountain here.  It's not too big as of now, 300+ acres.  We'll see how long it burns.  We went to dinner with some of Ben's friends, Taz, Haley, George, Deardra (sp?), and then we wandered up to the fire for some big Saturday night entertainment.
We aren't golfers but since there is a golf course here, and Jake golfs, Ben's co-worker buddy, we found our way to the driving range right after nearly four lovely hours at the pool.  One of Ben's balls flew over the fence and nailed a house and it was super loud...

There is a place here called OASIS that makes delicious everything.  This is the Tidal Wave and it's the "mini version" of the big one.
That is pretty much all for now.  Have a happy second week of July!

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